Naples Florida Mast Trees – Wholesale

Naples Florida Mast Trees - Wholesale

Need a substitute for the Italian Cypress, which seems to dislike Florida’s abundant rain and high humidity? Palmco’s wholesale Mast Trees have quickly become a favorite of Naples landscapers, architects and designers!

The striking Mast Tree, or Polyalthia longifolia “Pendula,” originated in India and Sri Lanka and is an exceptional tropical substitute for the Italian Cypress. It is also known as the False Ashoka, Buddha Tree, Weeping Mast Tree and Indian Fir Tree.

It became popular in British India because it looks somewhat like the Mediterranean Cypress and because its tall, stick-straight trunk was ideal for building ship masts, hence the name.

It was dubbed the “False Ashoka” because it resembles India’s sacred Saraca Asoka (or Ashoka) tree, also known as the “sorrowless” tree, but there are distinct differences between them.

The Asoka/Ashoka tree has a large crown and red blooms that flower in the spring, while the Mast Tree has small, inconspicuous, light green blossoms. Asoka/Ashoka fruits resemble broad beans and contain multiple seeds, while Mast Tree fruits are small, spherical and contain only one seed. The Asoka/Ashoka tree is small, while Mast Trees are tall.

Practically Perfect Trees for Zones 10a to 11

If you love the look of tall, slender Italian Cypress trees, you will love the Mast Tree!

Its unusual, compact form and lush green foliage make it an excellent choice for color and, when closely spaced, for screening.

The Mast Tree has a tall, column-like frame, a straight, thin trunk, and layers of wavy-edged, glossy green leaves that hang from drooping branches that cover the tree from top to bottom.

They will grow to about 30 to 45 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 4 to 5 feet, and can be left in their natural form or trimmed to maintain a specific size or shape.

Use them as tall hedges, privacy screens, noise screens, windbreaks, to line driveways, avenues and walkways, or as architectural accents to frame entryways, soften building corners and vertical edges, and cover vertical drain-pipes.

Why do we describe Mast Trees as only practically perfect?  They don’t like cold temperatures (below 32° F). This means they are best suited to USDA Zones 10a to 11, and we can’t recommend them for use north of coastal Hillsborough County on Florida’s west coast or Indian River County on the east coast.

Otherwise, beautiful Mast Trees are easy to maintain, have very little leaf drop, no notable pest issues, are drought-tolerant, moderately salt-tolerant, will thrive in full sun and tolerate partial shade, and will attract attention in any landscape!

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