Mule Palm For Sale

Mule Palm For Sale

This is the palm for the customer that wants to stand out.

It’s the one for that client who needs an eye catching “new” tree that no one else has. Surely you know that though, and that’s why you’re looking to find a Mule palm for sale.

Palmco has the Mule palm for you!

We also have 20+ other varieties of palm trees that are sure to make all of your landscape and architectural design customers smile. With over 30 years of experience on one of the nation’s largest palm plantations, you can rest assured that your palm needs and answers are in good hands.

Located on Pine Island in Florida, our 600 acre property is more than a little slice of paradise.

We welcome visitors and would love to give you a tour. While you are here we will explain our “green” growing techniques and share our vast array of palm knowledge.

However, if you just can’t make it by, we’ll do our best to give you some much needed information over the phone. Call our palm tree experts five days a week at (239) 283 1329 for any additional questions or concerns.

The Mule Palm

If you know anything about nature, you realize that a mule is a cross between a horse and donkey and is therefore sterile. Well, the mule palm is a cross between the Pindo and the Queen palms.

It can only reproduce with human assistance. Although there have been “natural flukes”.

Because of the need for human participation in propagation, the cost of these trees is relatively high, making them all the more enviable in the neighborhoods and businesses you might find yourself working in.

Some say it is the perfect palm, it just hasn’t caught on just yet.

It’s perfect, they say because it’s cold hardy and a grand specimen for tropical appeal. Its dark brown trunk with massive head and long dark green coconut palm-like leaves make it quite eye-catching. But, it’s the fact that it is cold hardy down to 15°F that really grabs customers’ attention.

Those who do go the extra mile to own one of these unique creations contend that they are worth every penny.

These trees can be found from Virginia Beach to Seattle.

They are truly versatile specimens. When propagated correctly they are grand, hardy, gorgeous trees certain to make your clients the envy of the area.

Too Much?

If you determine that the Mule palm is not what you’re looking for, remember that we have over 20 species of palm trees to choose from.

Here are some other less expensive, but beautiful, considerations:

Washingtonia Palm– It is cold hardy and fast growing. It will quickly provide that tropical ambiance your customer is looking for.

Triangle Palm– A unique palm originating in Madagascar. Its leaves grow almost upright and then arch out in a triangle shape approximately 120° apart relative to the trunk.

Silver Bismarckia Palm– By far one of the most desirable palms around. This Madagascar native has silvery powder blue leaves that are absolutely stunning. These trees will always draw attention.

Certainly there are more palm trees to discuss however we’d love to speak with you directly about your landscape and design needs.

If you’re hoping to find a mule palm for sale or are in need of further help, please give our experts a call at (239) 283 1329.