Mobile Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for Mobile wholesale bamboo?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler dedicated to growing the most spectacular bamboo for our Alabama customers!

Our cold hardy bamboo thrives in the Mobile climate as well as the surrounding areas of Prichard, Fairhope, Tillmans Corner and Daphne.

Clumping bamboo is a fresh alternative to your customers hedging and screening projects. Golden Goddess grows as a dense hedge up to 10 feet max height. Seabreeze is ideal for screening up to 40 feet at its max height. Both are cold hardy to 15 and 20 degrees.

Terms regularly used to describe their unique growth habit as well as the parts of the bamboo are: Rhizome, culms, sheath, nodes, internodes and clumping.

Rhizome is an underground stem from which all culms grow.

Culms are the colorful above ground stem that grows from the rhizome and is formerly known as a cane. Sheaths are the protective foliar that encase the new culm as it emerges from underground. Nodes and Internodes are linked together. Nodes are the center of the culms growth activity producing branches and stems. Internodes are the section of the culm that is between the two nodes displaying the unique color and marking of that species.

When buying cold hardy wholesale bamboo it is helpful to note that clumping bamboo varieties are the only types grown on our bamboo farm.

We ship by mail, LTL (less than load) or by the semi truck load.

Container materials size ranges are 3gallon, 7 gallon, 15 gallon and 25 gallons. Our field grown materials range in height from 10’ OA to 20’OA. Max heights range from 12’ to 40’OA.

The two smallest wholesale bamboo container sizes are affordably shipped via LTL and our 15 and 25 gallon as well as our field grown materials can be shipped via semi or gooseneck trailer.

Call today at 1-855-GOPALMCO or 1-239-283-1329. Our customer service representatives will listen to your project needs and direct you to a superior plant and shipping option for your customer.