Mast Trees Sarasota County, Florida – Wholesale

Mast Trees Sarasota County, Florida - Wholesale 

If you love the look of tall, slender Italian Cypress trees but have trouble growing them in Sarasota County, Florida, you will love Mast Trees! Palmco has wholesale plants for sale and can help you find other spectacular plants that will thrive in your location.

Palmco serves the contiguous U.S.from our 600-acre farm in Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, providing a wide selection of FF-grade palms, top-quality bamboos, and spectacular ornamental plants.

We assist landscape contractors, architects and developers with everything they need to beautify a resort, golf course, commercial properties, residential estates and more, by providing large tree transplants and specimen trees throughout the country and worldwide.

5 Reasons to Love Mast Trees

Mast Trees, or Polyalthia longifolia "Pendula," flourish in the warm, humid climate of Sarasota, North Port and Venice, and will attract attention in any landscape. Here are a few reasons to love them:

  1. The Mast Tree is a striking subtropical substitute for the Italian Cypress which is susceptible to root rot, fungus, spider mites, and cypress canker disease in South Florida, causing the trees to develop brown patches and die back.
  2. The Mast Tree creates a spectacular color contrast as its feathery, wavy-edged leaves mature from a light lime green to a coppery brown and finally to a shiny dark green. Fragrant star-like pale green flowers in the spring are known for attracting birds, bees and butterflies.
  3. Mast trees have a moderate growth rate and do very well in confined areas, reaching widths of 4 to 5 feet and heights from 30 to 45 feet. They can be left in their natural form or trimmed to maintain a specific size or shape.
  4. The Mast Tree’s slender, columnar shape makes it perfect for screening. Use a group of them to line an avenue or driveway, as tall living hedges, as architectural accents, and as privacy, noise and wind screens.
  5. Mast Trees are easy to maintain, have very little leaf drop, no notable pest threats, are drought-tolerant, moderately salt-tolerant, prefer well-drained rich clay, loam or sandy soils, and will thrive in full sun and tolerate partial shade.

Mast Trees don’t like cold weather and are best suited to USDA Zones 10a to 11 and the warmer areas of Zone 9b. Palmco does not recommend them for use north of coastal Hillsborough County on Florida’s west coast or Indian River County on the east coast.

Mast trees don’t like to be wet and will rot if left sitting in water for too long. Lightly soak the soil and then do not water again until the top two inches have dried out. Avoid overwatering or it may ultimately kill the tree.

When you’re looking for narrow, columnar evergreen trees to take the place of Italian Cypress in your landscape design, contact Palmco for wholesale Mast Trees that will grow beautifully in Sarasota County, Florida. Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GOPALMCO.