Mast Tree Nursery

Mast Tree Nursery

Visit Palmco’s nursery and plantation on Pine Island, Florida, for an exceptional selection of Mast Trees, also known as False Ashoka, that can take the place of temperamental Italian Cypress trees in your South Florida landscape designs.

An 18-mile long and two-mile wide barrier island, Pine Island is surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures. This fertile setting provides a long growing season that allows our tropical palms, bamboo, and other ornamental plants and trees to develop to their most beautiful potential. We can also source almost anything, from rare wholesale magnolias and live oaks to shady ladies, sea grapes, and other quality plants.

What is a Mast Tree?

When landscaping luxury residential properties, resort hotels, golf courses, and other locations in South Florida, there are too few choices for tall but narrow columnar tropical trees with beautiful evergreen foliage that can be used line avenues and driveways, as tall hedges, as architectural accents, and as privacy, noise and windbreak screens.

The usual choice, Italian Cypress, can be a challenge to grow because of our abundant rain and high humidity, which makes the trees more susceptible to root rot and to fungus and cypress canker disease, causing the tree to develop brown patches and die back.

The Mast Tree, or Polyalthia longifolia “Pendula”, is a great substitute!

Also known as False Ashoka, Buddha Tree, Indian Mast Tree, Weeping Mast Tree, and Indian Fir, this tree is best suited to USDA Zones 10a to 11 and will grow in a narrow vertical form to about 30 to 45 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 4 to 5 feet. 

Layers of feathery, wavy-edged leaves hang from drooping branches that closely hug the straight, thin trunk. Their colors range from coppery brown when new, to light lime green, to a shiny dark green as they age, offering a spectacular show in your landscape.

Mast trees prefer full or partial sun and well-drained rich clay, loam or sandy soil. Mature trees are drought-tolerant and suitable for xeriscaping. Young plants need protection from winds, but, once mature, the trees are remarkably flexible and will bend like bamboos in a storm.

Consider Mast Trees when you need unique, eye-catching, easy-to-maintain trees that few others will have!

For more information about Mast Trees and other ornamental trees and plants available from Palmco, please visit the following pages:

Why Buy from Palmco?

To ensure that we provide you with the healthiest plant specimens, we utilize state-of-the-art irrigation and fertilization systems. They work together with our soil moisture monitoring stations to nourish the trees and prevent impurities from leaching into the surrounding soil and groundwater.

We do not use restricted-use chemicals, and recycle all plant waste and by-products into mulch. This helps us reduce our water usage and improve the soil for future generations. 

We also differentiate ourselves from our competitors by really focusing on our customers. Our dedicated staff takes great pride in delivering our trees and plants on-time, in excellent condition, and ready to plant.

Through the years, we’ve responded to the needs of landscapers, landscape architects and designers, invested in the latest equipment, expanded our expertise, and created the delivery systems that have earned us loyal, satisfied Palmco customers for life.

Turn your customer’s outdoor space into a tropical oasis with Mast Trees from the nursery at Palmco, Florida’s premier grower and wholesaler of top quality palms and other plant material. Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 or (855) GO-PALMCO to discuss your custom design requirements.