Louisiana Bamboo

Louisiana Bamboo

Palmco is a clumping bamboo wholesaler dedicated to providing landscape architects, landscapers and wholesale buyers with the best possible clumping bamboo varieties for Louisiana.

We grow 14 varieties of non-invasive clumping bamboos that are well-suited to New Orleans and the warmer gulf coastal areas of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

We grow some of the most impressive bamboos in the world. Our plants can be used as focal specimens, container plants, hedges, living fences, and avenue or driveway plantings in any commercial or residential landscape.

Consider one of these versatile, manageable and stunning clumping bamboos for your next project in Louisiana:

  • Alphonse Karr Bamboo – For a golden glow in the landscape, this dense Chinese beauty, sometimes called Golden Hedge Bamboo, fits the part. It grows to 20 to 25 feet with 1” diameter canes that are bright yellow with vertical dark green stripes. The striking colors make it a spectacular hedge or centerpiece planting. Alphonse Karr Bamboo has low water requirements. Once established, it can tolerate cold weather as low as 12 °F to 18 °F.
  • Golden Goddess Bamboo: If you’re looking for a beautiful container plant for the patio or poolside, or are working with a small lot, Golden Goddess may offer the perfect solution. It grows to about 10 feet tall with delicate leaves and densely packed ¼” diameter canes that turn golden with age and sun exposure. This is a semi-dwarf bamboo; plant 4 to 8 feet apart for a moderate-sized privacy screen that will fill in quickly.  It is very hardy down to 12 °F to 18 °F. 
  • Graceful Bamboo – Also called Slender Weavers Bamboo, this is the most graceful and lush of all bamboos. Mature plants will have no branches on the lower third of the culms, so you can see the attractive canes without having to prune the plant. Graceful Bamboos have an upright growth pattern and are very well-behaved, making them ideal for narrow spaces and smaller yards. They are very cold hardy to about 15 °F and grow to 20 to 25 feet.

Caring for Your Clumping Bamboo

Different species of bamboos have different temperature and sun requirements. We can explain what your bamboo needs before you start planting and how to care for it once it’s in the ground.

  • Most clumping bamboos prefer partial shade for some part of the day, but the largest varieties need full sun to reach their maximum height. Ask us about the sunlight and temperature ratings for plants and your zone.
  • Water newly planted bamboos a couple of times per week if the weather is mild, or three to four times if the weather is hot or windy. Watch for winter droughts and provide more water if the plant is dry.
  • Use mulch around the base of the plants. If the leaves start to curl, the plant is not getting enough water. In general, bamboo likes the same amount of water as a healthy lawn.
  • Too much standing water can damage the rhizome and root system of bamboo and the plants won’t thrive. Plant in well-drained soil and avoid planting in soil that stays soggy.
  • Bamboos should be fertilized “a little and often” to encourage the best growth.  At planting, apply a small amount of slow -release high-nitrogen fertilizer and then apply it again in early spring, a couple of times during the summer, and in the fall.

Palmco’s well-informed reps will listen to your bamboo requirements and consult with you on the best choices to fit your Louisiana landscaping goals. Call us today at 1-855-GOPALMCO or 1-239-283-1329.