Lexington, SC Wholesale Palm Trees

Lexington, SC Wholesale Palm Trees

Palm trees may not be the norm in Lexington, SC, but Palmco, one of the largest palm plantations in the nation, is dedicated to providing you with the best wholesale palms for your USDA Zone 8A climate.

Palmco is located on Pine Island in Florida. With a 600-acre plantation and over 30 years of palm tree industry experience, you can rest assured that we know palms. Our customer service experts can recommend the best palms for your area and explain proper maintenance and transplant techniques.

We have many species of palm trees that will allow you to bring tropical beauty into client yards, gardens, parks, communities and shopping centers in Lexington, Lake Murray, Chapin, Irmo, Columbia, and the surrounding area.

Here are some of our recommendations:

· Chinese Windmill Palm. The Chinese Windmill Palm is one of the most adaptable palm trees available. It does well in zones 7B to 10B, and is one of the most cold-hardy palms in existence. It can withstand temperatures as low as 5º F. Like the Sabal palm, it can reach up to 40 feet, but 25 feet tall is far more common.

· European Fan Palm. Growing to only about 10 feet tall, this palm is highly drought-tolerant, does well in salty areas, and is relatively cold-hardy. It does well in zones 8A to 11 and adapts well to a wide range of environmental conditions. As a clumping palm, the European Fan is often considered shrub like and is actually the only palm tree that’s a native of Europe.

· Nitida Palm– This is a native of the Carnarvon Gorge in Australia. Considered a moderately quick growing palm, it grows well in zones 8 to 11. It is a great choice for lining streets and walkways and can make an exceptional design attraction if planted with altering heights. Take note that this tree can reach upwards of 100 feet.

· Pindo Palm. This palm tree will do well in temperatures as low as 12 to 15° F and flourishes in zones 8A to 10B. Pindo usually reaches heights of only about 15 feet. It doesn’t shed fronds on its own, so pruning is necessary, and planting at least 10 feet from structures and paved areas is a good idea as the palm’s falling fruit can make a mess.

Sabal Palm. The Sabal Palm is also extremely adaptable. Also known as the Cabbage Palm, it’s extremely salt-tolerant and drought-tolerant. As a native of Southeast Asia, the palm does well in zones 7B to 11. It grows much taller than other adaptable palms—it can reach 40 feet high. The Sabal palm is Florida’s state tree, so it is very common in Florida.

If you are planting in a colder weather location, you may also want to consider purchasing a more mature palm tree. Older palm trees are naturally stronger than younger trees, and are much more likely to be able to withstand the cold without problems.

Palmco’s offers wholesale palm trees that are ready for the cooler climate in Lexington, SC, and will work beautifully there. We welcome visitors to our palm tree paradise in Bokeelia, Florida. Contact us five days a week at 1-855-Go-Palmco or 1-239-283-1329. We’d love to help you with your palm tree plans.