Lafayette Wholesale Bamboo


Looking for wholesale bamboo in Lafayette?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler serving Louisiana landscapers and landscape architects.

If your an experienced buyer or a first time buyer here are a couple of pieces of facts that may help guide you in your efforts.

Initially, you will want to know where to buy clumping bamboo.

We’ve gotcha covered!

Essential to ensuring you purchase the material that will best fit your customers’ landscaping plans is understanding the growth patterns and species of noninvasive clumping bamboo grown and sold by Palmco.

Palmco chooses to grow only noninvasive clumping bamboo. There are hundreds of different species of bamboo. We grow 15 of the most widely selected species.

Screening bamboos typically grow to max heights ranging from 25-45 feet. The culms shoot within 6 inches of established culms. This controlled growth pattern has been a catalyst for the surge in bamboo’s popularity in recent years.

Mature screening culms range from 1-3 inches in diameter.

Hedging bamboos often grow between 10-20 feet in overall height. The culms shoot much closer together as compared to screening types. Also known as hedging bamboos the culms grow 1-2 inches apart.

Mature hedging culms are ½ to ¾ of an inch in diameter.

Clumping bamboo care is really very simple, especially when you plant during the rainy season. Bamboo will successfully transplant during the dormant seasons of winter and spring but the most dramatic shooting of culms occurs during the summer and fall rainy season.

Graceful bamboo, also known as Textilis gracilis, is a favorable screening bamboo plant. Golden Goddess which is a multiplex also referred to as Bambusa multiplex is excellent for thick hedging applications.

Cold hardy clumping bamboo that is best suited to survive your coldest winter nights in Lafayette and the surrounding areas of Abbeville, Opelousas, New Iberia and Crowley are going to be those that are hardy down to 15°F.

Call Palmco today at 1-855-GOPALMCO or 1-239-283-1329. We will listen to your project goals and work to help you decide which material is the best fit for your next project.