Lady Palm Trees for Sale

Lady Palm trees are broadleaf trees that grow naturally in tropical and subtropical regions. Palmco offers quality palm trees for sale on our 600-acre plantation in Pine Island, FL.

Lady Palm Trees for SaleAlso known as the Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm trees feature beautiful fan-shaped fronds with narrow spikes. These trees have extensive root systems and do not require regular watering to keep them healthy. Lady Palm trees propagate through underground rhizome offshoots. They are extremely popular in many homes because they require minimal maintenance and are incredibly adaptable. Depending on the variety, Lady Palm Trees can grow up to 14 feet tall. However, it is a slow grower, eliminating the need to change the plant’s pots or locations frequently.

Planting Location

Lady Palm trees do exceptionally well in warm temperatures in USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11. These trees grow exceptionally well in partial sunlight indoors or outdoors. The ideal temperature for growing Lady Palm Trees indoors is between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider moving your Lady Palm trees indoors if the outdoor temperatures exceed 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips for Growing Lady Palm Trees

Lady Palm Trees have slow growth rates. Therefore, they can take significant periods to grow if you start planting them from seeds or cutting. Here are a few tips for growing Lady Palm Trees.

Buy your Lady Palm from established nurseries or gardening stores. When you buy your Lady Palms from Palmco, we will arrange everything for you, including delivery, digging, and planting. Our growers have excellent knowledge of the growing and maintenance requirements for Lady Palm Trees.  We aim to ensure the repotted palm trees you buy from us grow healthy and strong.

Lady Palm Trees grow well in loamy, well-draining soil. If planting in a container, make sure the potting soil you purchase is meant explicitly for Lady Palm Trees. Once the potting mix is ready, choose the container for your Lady Palms. Make sure your container choice is wide enough to accommodate the extensive roots of the tree. You may need to repot your Lady Palms as they grow older.

Choose the right location for growing your Lady Palm Trees. These trees grow well in indirect sunlight. If you decide to plant your Lady Palms indoors, put them near east-facing windows.

Maintenance Tips

Lady Palm Trees are incredibly hardy and resilient. However, they require regular maintenance to keep them healthy.

Prune your Lady Palm trees regularly. The leaves of these trees begin to discolor and die with age. Therefore, prune the dead leaves before they fall off to avoid unsightly scar marks. In addition, trim newly-formed stalks that fail to mature to prevent damage to the tree trunks.

Be sure to water your Lady Palms regularly. Although Lady Palm trees require minimal maintenance, their leaves may begin to die if you do not water the plant regularly. However, pay careful attention when watering because excessive watering may cause the roots to rot.

The Palmco Difference

Palmco grows quality Lady Palm trees in our Pine Island, FL plantation. Established in 1984, our plantation is surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters off the West Coast of Florida. The fertile setting and warm temperatures in our plantation provide the right growing conditions for palm and mast trees. Our plantation features state-of-the-art automated irrigation and growing systems to ensure our trees grow healthy.

We are leading growers of palm and mast trees in the U.S. Please contact Palmco at (239) 283-1329 for quality Lady Palm trees for sale in Florida.