Lady Palm For Sale

Lady Palm For Sale

The Lady Palm is one of just a few palms that can be grown indoors and outdoors.

It reaches 7 feet tall when fully mature, making it one of the shortest palms available. It also resembles bamboo. If you’re looking for a great privacy screen or hedge for property lines or borders, landscaping professionals can source Lady Palms that are for sale at Palmco.

Palmco cultivates this and many other varieties of palm trees.

Established 30 years ago on Pine Island, Florida, we have more than 600 acres planted with exceptional palms and bamboos, ranging from common to exotic species. We have palm trees that offer landscapers everything they need to create stunning tropical designs.

The Lady Palm is also called the Bamboo Palm due to its bushy appearance and growth pattern.

It has multiple stems or stalks that will emerge from the base of the palm. The clumping palm spreads by underground rhizomes, just like clumping bamboo. The new growths are called pups or suckers.

It’s popular in smaller landscaping projects or corporate settings, as well as single specimen plantings, container plantings, beds and borders. It’s particularly hardy in Zones 9A-11. No damage will occur at 25°F, however fatal temperatures are those that drop to 15-18°F.

Other Smaller Palm Trees

Palm trees can be very tall.

Trees like the Washingtonia Robusta can reach 100 feet tall in the right environment. However, these tall trees are simply not the right fit for every landscaping project. Larger trees may overpower a small area and look out of place.

Smaller Palm Options

  • Bottle Palm – The Bottle Palm will usually only reach a height of about 12 feet when it is fully established. One of the best features about this palm tree is its unique bottle-like shape, which is how this palm gets its name. It is not nearly as bushy as the Lady Palm, but it is great for smaller landscaping projects as well.
  • Dwarf Sugar Palm – This palm tree is like a combination of the Lady Palm and the Bottle Palm. It can be either bushy or trimmed so that the trunk shows prominently. It will usually reach only 10 to 12 feet tall, and its fronds can be very long—up to eight feet. It will usually cluster like clumping bamboo, much like the Lady Palm. It can also be used as a screen or hedge.
  • European Fan Palm – This little fan palm will usually only reach about 10 feet tall, but its fan-shaped fronds make it a great accent piece. Some of these palms will grower taller and more compact while others will have a bushy appearance. Its clumping nature also makes it a great screening palm as well.
  • Pygmy Date Palm (Roebelenii) – This little tree will usually reach 10 feet tall, but is cold hardy and slow growing. It is actually one of the most widely used palms in the southern region because of its size and hardy nature. It does require some maintenance to keep the trunk clean, and it will produce dates under the right conditions.

Smaller palms can be great screens for privacy and accent pieces for smaller landscaping projects.

If your client’s project needs a tropical touch without a very large palm tree, then one of these smaller options may be a great choice.

To discuss the Lady Palms we have for sale or any of these shorter palm varieties, give Palmco a call at (239) 283-1329.