King Palms For Sale

King Palms For Sale

The King Palm has a very noble look about it.

It’s also called the King Alexander Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae) and is very attractive when planted in a group.

The fronds on a King Palm resemble those of a coconut palm, but this majestic palm bears only small fruits. King Palms are popular throughout Florida, and are a great addition to any landscaping project because they add an elegant look with very little maintenance.

Palmco specializes in King Palms and over 20 other varieties of palm trees. We are one of the largest palm plantations in North America.

We focus on the needs of landscapers, landscape architects and designers by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, expanding our expertise, and creating the delivery systems that allow us to dig today and deliver tomorrow.

We are the local palm tree experts, and provide only the best looking and healthiest trees for your landscaping project. Whether your project is large or small, we have a palm tree or bamboo that will perform perfectly.

The King and Queen of Palm Trees

Where there’s a king, there is usually a queen, and there is also a Queen Palm. However, there are some marked differences between the two species.

Both trees are very popular in more tropical regions of the United States, such as California and Florida. However, the King Palm is native to Australia, while the Queen Palm is native to South America.

The King Alexander frond looks just like a coconut palm frond and its trunk looks similar to an Adonidia. You will definitely get a tropical look and feel from this palm in landscapes located within zones 10B-11A.

The Queen Palm is close in height to the King Palm.

The King can grow up to 40 feet tall while the Queen can also grow up to 40 feet.

The Queen may also require more maintenance because she will drop brown fronds and small orange fruits. Although the King Palm also produces fruits, they are much smaller. The fruit can be a hazard if not cleared periodically.

The Queen Palm is flexible in terms of soil requirements and a bit hardier than the King.

The Queen should be in full sun, while the King can do well in either full sun or shade. Both palms should also be placed in well-drained soil with moderate watering. The Queen may be more susceptible to potassium deficiency, so fertilizing is important.

Palmco grows 25 varieties of Florida Fancy (FF) grade palms on 600-plus acres of fields on Pine Island, Florida. They range from the traditional to the rare and exotic and from cold-hardy to tropical.

We encourage landscaping professionals to visit our palm tree nursery and find plants for your client’s landscape.

We are located in the sleepy fishing and farming community of Bokeelia on the north end of Pine Island, Florida, where our environmentally conscious growing process allows us to offer you the finest, healthiest specimens.

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