King Alexander Palm Trees Wholesale

Transform your backyard into a tropical paradise with King Alexander palm trees. These trees add elements of calm and serenity to a landscape. Contact Palmco, Florida’s leading wholesaler of palm and mast trees, if you are looking for the King Palm. We have been growing quality palm trees for many years and have gained a reputation for providing excellent products and customer service. Our Pine Island plantation has a whole range of palm trees available for wholesale.

About King Alexander Palm Trees

King Alexander Palm Trees Wholesale

King Alexander is a beautiful palm tree that grows well with minimal frost and moderately fertilized soil. In addition, King Palm thrives when it’s protected from the wind; otherwise, windy conditions can make it look rugged. Consider planting your King Alexander Palm in a sunny spot. This tree looks best when planted as a street tree in clumps. It does not do well in the frosty climate and long-term container culture.

Features of a King Alexander Palm

King Alexander Palm is one of the most popular landscaping trees in the U.S., especially in the southern states. This tree has beautiful features, especially once it matures. It looks tall, majestic and evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation.  Many homeowners plant King Palm in their backyards because it is stately and beautiful.

King Palm looks stunning, whether planted alone or in a group. The tree features a beautiful, large crown with dark-green leaflets measuring up to 10 feet long. Their huge crowns create beautiful shades, especially when planted in clumps.

Where to Plant King Alexander Palm

 A native of Australia, King Alexander Palm is known for its tropical beauty. They are common in many streets in the U.S., especially in Florida and California, where they line driveways, creating grand entrances. For that perfect tropical paradise look, consider planting King Alexander Palms in clusters a few meters from the edges of a swimming pool.

Take in the beauty of your King Alexander Palms as you lounge poolside. Also, enjoy their beautiful canopies as they reflect on your pool.  Florida sunsets are known for their beautiful views. King Palms can create beautiful silhouettes without blocking your view of the sunset. In addition, they can easily enhance your landscape regardless of the planting location.

King Alexander palm trees do exceptionally well in full or partial sun exposure. In addition, they have a high tolerance for heat and cold. Many homeowners plant their King Palms under taller trees to enhance the tropical paradise effect.  

King Alexander Palm trees are favorites among homeowners throughout the Southern United States. They are resistant to heat and cold and add an element of calm and serenity to a backyard. In addition, they are extremely low maintenance once established.

There are many varieties of King Alexander Palm trees, which can determine where you want them to be planted. Consider buying a specimen to determine the best variety for you. One of the benefits of buying value-engineered palm specimens from us is it eliminates the need for you to do the actual digging and planting. Palmco does all the work so that you can have the beautiful backyard you have always dreamed of.

At Palmco, we value engineer our products to save you money. We aim to provide quality products to you so that you can enjoy your tropical landscape. No nursery in the U.S. grows as wide a variety of palm and mast trees as we do. We have an extensive collection of rare and exotic palm trees in our Pine Island, FL plantation. In addition, we grow our trees in local climates so that they can thrive in your location.

Palmco has a large variety of King Alexander Palm trees you need to transform your client’s property into a tropical retreat. Please contact Palmco at (239) 283-1329 for quality King Alexander Palms at affordable wholesale rates.