Italian Cypress Trees for Sale Florida

Italian Cypress trees are a popular addition to many landscaping and architectural projects. They are tall, hearty, and quite attractive. If you are looking for Italian Cypress trees for sale in Florida, consider the offerings from Palmco.


The stately Italian Cypress, also known as Mediterranean Cypress or Tuscan Cypress, makes a great addition to many landscaping projects. However, it is native to a region that enjoys a very dry and somewhat cooler climate and prefers USDA Zones 9b northward.

Florida’s humidity makes the tree prone to root rot, spider mites, fungus, and cypress canker disease, causing it to develop brown patches and die back. Excessive moisture from frequent rain or irrigation can cause twig blight, which can cause leaves to turn light green, then yellow, then reddish-brown.

For these reasons, Palmco offers Mast Trees, the perfect subtropical substitute for South Florida properties in Zones 10a to 11.

What Is a Mast Tree?

Native to India and Sri Lanka, the beautiful Mast Tree (Polyalthia longifolia ‘Pendula’) grows to 30 to 45 feet tall by 4 to 5 feet wide at maturity with a straight, thin trunk (once used to build ship masts), and layers of feathery, wavy-edged leaves that hang from drooping branches.

Mast Trees are popular alternatives to Italian Cypress trees for a variety of reasons. They are easy to maintain, and they are bold, tall, and eye-catching. Great for virtually any landscaping, architecture, or contracting uses, this is a great tree to keep in mind.

Tall, narrow Mast Trees can be used as tall hedges, privacy screens, noise screens, windbreaks, to line driveways, avenues and walkways, or as architectural accents to frame entryways, soften building corners and vertical edges, and cover vertical drain-pipes. They are also suitable for narrow spaces because they grow quite tall but stay slender.

Mast Trees have very little leaf drop, no pest issues of note, and require little to no maintenance. They prefer well-drained rich clay, loam or sandy soil, will grow in full sun or partial shade, and are drought-tolerant and moderately salt tolerant when mature.

About Us

At Palmco, we are proud of our 35 years of business. Established in 1984 on Pine Island, Florida, we farm over 600 acres along the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s southwest coast. This fertile setting provides a long growing season due to our abundant supply of water and warm Florida sunshine.
Our wholesale nursery and farm are known for producing the very best in palm trees, clumping bamboo, and now Mast Trees for your landscaping, designing, architecture, real estate, city planning, and contracting needs.

If you are a landscape contractor, developer, or landscape architect in South Florida who needs stately accents or a tall “fence” to delimit the boundaries of a property, the slender, evergreen Mast Tree makes an ideal substitute for Italian Cypress Trees. Palmco has Mast Trees for sale and can be reached Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, at (239) 283-1329.