Hialeah Palm Trees For Sale

Hialeah Palm Trees For Sale

When you need small, medium or large trees for a Hialeah landscape, Palmco has palm trees for sale to suit every design requirement.

As Florida’s premier palm plantation, our dedicated customer service team helps landscapers choose wholesale palms that will beautify any setting.

There are many varieties of palm trees that love the warmest USDA Hardiness Zones of South Florida, including Hialeah and the rest of Miami-Dade County, with their tropical monsoon climate, humid summers and mild winters.

Although frost seldom occurs here, temperatures have been known to dip to 28°F for short periods in winter.

Before purchasing palms for your project, consider the soil, sunlight and the high/low temperatures where you intend to plant.

Another factor is the mature height of the palm you choose.

Some palms grow very quickly.

The container-sized plant you purchase may reach 30 feet before long and interfere with roofs and power lines. Whether you need a tall, dense and majestic palm or one that is smaller, slimmer and willowy, ask us which varieties will grow best in your area.

Palm Trees Suitable for Zone 10B

Here are just a few of Palmco’s 40 varieties of FF (Florida Fancy) palms that will be stunning in your Hialeah landscape and the rest of Zone 10b: