Good Trees for Screening and Privacy in Florida

Good Trees for Screening and Privacy in Florida

When you need good trees for screening and privacy in Florida, Palmco has wholesale plants for sale and can help you find spectacular plants that will thrive in your location.

Palmco has been proudly growing the highest-quality selection of field grown Florida Fancy (FF) palms for over 30 years and added exquisite varieties of clumping bamboo to our product line in 2011. We also grow a variety of beautiful ornamental plants with different heights, shapes, textures and even colors.

We help landscape contractors, architects and developers beautify commercial properties, shopping centers, resorts, golf courses, residential estates and more, by providing large transplants and specimens throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

Screening and Privacy

Grow an attractive privacy barrier with one of these beauties:

Mast Tree: The Mast Tree (Polyalthia longifolia ’Pendula’) is a beautiful evergreen columnar tree that is covered from top to bottom with graceful, shiny pendulous leaves. It grows symmetrically to 30 to 45 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide, providing an excellent vertical accent for tall hedges, privacy screens, visual dividers, architectural accents, windbreaks, and to line avenues or driveways. Mature Mast Trees are moderately drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant, but they don’t like cold weather and are best suited to USDA Zones 10a to 11 and warmer areas of Zone 9b.

Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo: This clumping bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’) originates in Burma. It has very unusual bulges above and below each cane’s internodes, making you think it was designed by Dr. Seuss! There is no other bamboo like it in the world, and the plant is definitely an attention-getter. It’s also one of the easiest bamboos to grow and maintain. Dwarf Buddha Belly Bamboo grows to a height of 12 to 15 feet and can have up to 4-inch diameter culms, making it well-suited to privacy screening.

Graceful Bamboo: Graceful Bamboo (Bambusa textilis gracilis) is graceful, luxuriant and one of our favorite clumping bamboos. It has an upright growth pattern with foliage that cascades gracefully and leaf tips that point downward. We often call it the “ideal” bamboo. The very fast growing and well-behaved bamboo can reach heights up to 25 feet tall within 2 to 3 years and can handle temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The tight erect clumps are ideal for narrow spaces or where a strong vertical look is desired. They are often planted in a row to create a beautiful privacy hedge.

Paurotis Palm: The Paurotis or Everglades palm (Acoelorrhaphe wrightii) originates in South America but has been in Florida for as long as anyone can remember. It is capable of reaching heights of 20 to 30 feet with a canopy spread of 15 feet in diameter. This versatile clustering palm is dense and thickly covered almost to the ground, making it ideal for screening and hedge applications. In late spring it blooms with white flowers and half inch fruits that start off green, turn orange, and then go black when ripe, adding visual appeal to all your landscape design installments.

If you are serious about finding good trees for screening and privacy for your Florida clientele, Palmco has a solution. Call us today at (239) 283-1329 to discover why we have a reputation for the strongest, healthiest plants and the best customer service.