Golden Goddess Bamboo Wholesale

The golden goddess bamboo is one of the most popular clumping bamboos at Palmco’s Pine Island, FL plantation. This plant has minimal spread and thrives in full sun or partial shade. In addition, it can reach a maximum height of about 10 feet with cane diameters of about half an inch. The golden goddess bamboo withstands minimal cold but grows well in warmer areas of the U.S. It is one of the best bamboo varieties for areas with limited planting space. If you are wondering where to buy clumping bamboo at wholesale prices, Palmco can meet your needs.

Unique Features

Golden Goddess Bamboo WholesaleThe golden goddess bamboo is a small, tropical plant excellent for limited spaces but may not be the best option for a fast-growing privacy screen. Although the plant produces an exceptional privacy screen, it is not fast-growing. Therefore, forming a privacy screen may take longer than other bamboo varieties. However, it makes an excellent hedge.

The golden goddess bamboo thrives in hardiness zones eight and above. In addition, this plant does not need a control barrier. Like other clumping bamboo species, the golden goddess you get initially will develop shoots growing vertically. The “baby” shoots will grow taller than the parent shoot and develop other shoots that will grow taller. Therefore, each shoot generation will grow taller than the parent.

Planting Tips

Planting the golden goddess bamboo is quite simple. First, ensure the hole you dig for the plant is twice the size of its root balls. During planting, ensure the soil is well amended with compost manure and fine topsoil. You do not have to worry about digging deep holes for your golden goddess bamboo because this tree does well when planted at ground level or slightly deeper.

It is essential to use the required spacing recommendation when planting the golden goddess bamboo. With time, a single division of golden goddess bamboo can form an excellent screen. However, consider planting golden goddess bamboo trees three to five feet apart for the best privacy screen. Many factors may speed up or slow down the growth of your golden goddess bamboo, including sunlight, climate zone, and water.


Golden goddess bamboo growth can benefit from fertilization. You can begin fertilizing your bamboo as early as a month after planting. Our gardeners at Palmco recommend a time-release fertilizer because it boosts proper nutrient absorption, especially if your soil pH is out of balance. Consider fertilizing your golden goddess bamboo twice a year, once in spring and again during the growing season.

Several myths have been associated with clumping bamboo, with some claiming it is invasive. The truth is that clumping bamboo like the golden goddess is not invasive. The plant will hardly spread in cold climates. At Palmco, we have grown wide varieties of bamboo, palm, and mast trees for years and have gathered extensive experience growing clumping bamboo. Golden goddess bamboo features an extensive underground root system that enables it to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. However, the plant’s above-ground growth is primarily vertical, meaning it will not invade your landscape extensively.

Our gardeners have extensive experience growing clumping bamboo like the golden goddess. We often provide growing and maintenance recommendations to our clients. Regardless of the bamboo variety you choose, we can provide you with guides and tips to ensure your trees thrive in your landscape.

Palmco offers excellent wholesale golden goddess bamboo. Please visit our website today to order.