Fort Lauderdale Palm Tree Nursery

Fort Lauderdale Palm Tree Nursery

In Florida, we see palm trees everywhere outdoors, but did you know that some varieties of palms can also grow beautifully indoors?

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your Fort Lauderdale property, Palmco’s palm tree nursery in Bokeelia has most everything you could possibly need.

If your design project involves elegant homes, office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls or hotels, consider palm trees to create an atmosphere of tropical splendor. Palms, in fact, are one of the most popular “house” plants in the world.

They look particularly good in large spaces with high ceilings, are easy to care for, and will generally thrive in the right environment.

Best Interior Palm Trees

Most plants are not genetically designed to live and grow indoors.

But, when we take them from their native environment and put them inside a room, some species will tolerate this change. In most cases, those that need the least attention will do the best indoors.

Palms love high humidity, warm temperatures and good air circulation. Even if you can’t replicate this exact environment, the following species of palm trees perform exceptionally well indoors.