Find a Palm Tree Nursery near Me

Many people associate palm trees with tropical and subtropical climates. However, palm trees can be grown in many different locations throughout the world. Palm trees have become increasingly popular in the U.S. as beautiful landscaping additions. Because of the popularity of palm trees, it is now not difficult to do a quick search for a palm tree nursery near me and find one instantly. At Palmco, we believe palm trees can make beautiful additions to any landscape. Apart from their obvious beauty, many people grow palm trees because they are incredibly low maintenance.

Learn About Palm Trees

Palm Tree Nursery near MeContrary to the common misconception, palm trees can grow anywhere in the U.S., even in places with relatively cold climates. Many palm tree varieties are cold-hardy, meaning they can survive the winter with proper care. The cost of a palm tree varies depending on the species and size. In addition, there are many varieties that are suitable for the indoors while others thrive outdoors.

Planting Palm Trees

If you are thinking of planting palm trees on your own, you need to consider multiple factors. First, plant the palm tree as soon as you get it. However, this may not always be possible. Therefore, our Palmco landscapers recommend you keep your palm tree in a shaded location until you get the opportunity to plant it. In addition, be sure to keep the plant’s root system moist but away from standing water.

Although you can transplant your palm trees at any time of the year, consider doing so during the summer or spring, when soil temperatures are appropriate for root growth. In addition, transplanting your palm trees during spring or early summer protects them from frost damage.

Drill an inspection hole on the ground to check the soil’s moisture content before planting your palm trees. If the soil is dry, your palm tree will require watering. However, if the soil is moist, your palm tree won’t need much watering. Drilling an inspection hole offers you excellent clues about your plant’s health. Use a mix of agricultural grit and soil when planting your palm trees. In addition, avoid overwatering your palm trees because they do well when grown in drainage-free conditions. Water your palm trees not more than once per week.

Palm Tree Location

Choose an appropriate location for your palm trees. Consider planting young palm trees in a shaded area of your property to prevent causing unnecessary plant strain. Palm trees thrive when their canopies spread out and clear the roofline. Therefore, avoid planting palm trees to close to a building.

Palm Tree Care

Palm trees require minimal care and maintenance requirements. However, you still need to look after them to grow a healthy plant. First, keep your palm trees moist but not soggy. Water your palm trees every day for a week after planting and then a few times a week after that. In addition, fertilize your palm trees to give them the nutrients they need to grow.

At Palmco, we have been growing palm, bamboo, and mast trees in our Pine Island, FL plantation for more than four generations. We understand everything your palm trees need to thrive in your location. When you buy palm trees from us, we will use the best practices for transplanting the palm trees on your property to ensure they thrive. We have a wide range of palm trees, in many different sizes.

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