Emerald Bamboo Wholesale

A native of China, emerald bamboo is a mid-sized plant with a white powder covering its culms. This plant can grow to a height of up to 30 feet and is often included in landscaping projects because of its low maintenance, evergreen nature, and high tolerance to heat and humidity. Palmco recommends growing this plant in partial to full shade. According to the Department of Agriculture, emerald bamboo thrives in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 10. If you are wondering where to buy emerald bamboo at wholesale prices, Palmco can meet your needs.


Emerald Bamboo WholesaleAlthough emerald bamboo is low maintenance, it requires occasional pruning to remove dead, sick, or old culms. There are different types of pruning depending on the gardener’s intention. Emerald bamboo requires regular pinching, thinning, shearing, and rejuvenation.

The main objective of pinching is to remove stem tips to promote branching. This type of pruning eliminates the need for severe pruning later on. On the other hand, thinning involves the removal of whole branches to promote air circulation, which helps to prevent diseases.

As the name might suggest, shearing involves leveling the plant’s surfaces using hand or electric shears to maintain the shape of its hedge. Rejuvenation involves removing old branches to restore the plant’s original size.


Thanks to its upright and elegant posture, Emerald bamboo is an excellent plant for landscaping. It features a dark green color with large culms making it incredibly cold-hardy. Also known as royal bamboo, emerald bamboo has features similar to graceful bamboo, except that the former has taller culms. It is an excellent option for tall, thick privacy walls. Due to its thick canes, emerald bamboo can grow moderately tall and upright.
Emerald bamboo can tolerate temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Its name originates from the fact that the plant has beautiful emerald foliage. The plant features outward arching canes at the top, causing the plant to assume a vase shape look at maturity.

At Palmco, we usually advise our clients to understand that emerald Bamboo does not enjoy growing in potted environments. Although the plant develops deep roots, it does not experience optimal growth when grown in a potted setting. Therefore, if you buy this plant from a potted garden, your tree may appear rough and spindly on arrival. However, this appearance is only temporary; once you water and fertilize the plant, it will develop new roots and shoots within a few weeks.

Emerald bamboo growth varies depending on the soil type, sunlight, and other growing conditions of the area where it is grown. Emerald bamboo canes are often trimmed to facilitate shipping and minimize transplantation shock.

Care and Maintenance

Emerald bamboo grows well under the right conditions and requires minimal maintenance. Many commercial developers include this plant in their projects because they add elements of beauty and elegance to any landscape. However, this plant does not do well in wintry and extremely cold conditions.

Palmco offers a wide range of bamboo, mast, and palm trees wholesale to landscapers and commercial developers throughout the U.S. Once you order your emerald bamboo from Palmco, our gardeners will quickly assemble the canes you need and prepare them for shipping to your location. We take all precautions to ensure the canes we supply to our clients experience minimal water loss during transportation. Once you receive your emerald bamboo canes, you do not have to worry about planting them immediately; place them in a shaded area with a little sprinkle of water. You can prepare your planting area with mulch and fresh soil before planting your bamboo.

Palmco is one of the best growers of emerald bamboo. Please visit our website to order wholesale.