Dypsis Pembana Palm Trees for Sale

At Palmco, we offer some of the rarest palm trees for sale, including the Dypsis Pembana, also called the Pemba Palm. Some of our mast, bamboo, and palm tree species are not available anywhere else in the U.S. We deliver our plants wholesale throughout the U.S. Our Bokeelia, FL, supplies commercial landscaping projects of all sizes. Clients rely on us because we offer superior-quality plants. 

Unparalleled Convenience

Dypsis Pembana Palm Trees for SalePalmco has a vast selection of bamboo, palm, and mast tree species that are always available and ready for shipping as soon as you order. In addition, we offer our clients a unique climate-based search for trees, ensuring the plants they choose are suitable for their specific locations. We offer our trees in wholesale quantities to match your project requirements. In addition, you can conveniently make payments for orders using Visa, PayPal, electronic transfer, or Mastercard. 

Unmatched Quality

Although Palmco is known for many things, one thing that stands out about us is the quality of our seedlings and other plant products. In addition, we offer convenient one-stop shopping for all commercial developers and landscapers looking for quality plants. Our huge range of plant species ensures clients always get the plants they need for their landscaping projects. 

Why Buy the Dypsis Pembana from Palmco

The dypsis pembana is a rare and sought-after palm tree species. It is a beautiful palm tree with a crown consisting of long, gracefully arching, deep green leaves with short petioles. This plant has close and evenly spaced leaflets with light brown or grey, straight trunks. These ornamental plants are considered vulnerable in the wild and sought-after because of their rarity. Many commercial developers and landscapers looking for the dypsis pembana are specialist growers seeking that one plant species that will make their landscaping projects pop. 

This tropical palm’s ideal planting zone is 10A-11. It will thrive in various light and soil conditions and is very drought tolerant once established. With its elegant dark green pinnate leaves, the Pemba Palm has a slim, smooth, strongly ringed, “bamboo-like” trunk. The fronds are large and waxy green and feature an attractive silver cast. The Pemba Palm also has attractive ornamental fruit that turns a rich bright red when mature.

The beautiful Pemba Palm comes from Pemba Island, a small island off the coast of eastern Africa that belongs to Tanzania. The species cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with only 3,000 specimens in the wild. Your purchase will contribute to its continued existence.

Contact Palmco today to order the dypsis pembana or any other palm tree species we have for sale. Our growers will be happy to help you determine the best palm tree species for your landscape.