Delray Beach Wholesale Palm Trees

Delray Beach Wholesale Palm Trees

Delray Beach is located in Southeastern Palm Beach County in the middle of Florida’s Gold Coast region. If you are looking for wholesale palm trees that will make a unique statement in your client’s landscape in this area, Palmco has some great recommendations.

Palmco, located in the community of Bokeelia on Pine Island, Florida, has over 600 acres of palm trees and clumping bamboo in production. This 18-mile-long barrier island is surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures, and provides a long growing season that allows tropical palms to develop to their most beautiful potential.

Find the Perfect Palm for Your Project

Few plants offer the beauty and appeal of palm trees and the resort-style, vacation-like effect they create. Here are several varieties that will flourish in the USDA Zone 10b climate of Delray Beach:

Bottle Palm (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis): If you are looking for a small, eye-catching accent palm for a tropical garden or sheltered entrance area, the Bottle palm is a great choice. Its unusual bottle-shaped trunk resembles a cola bottle and makes an excellent container palm. Growing to a maximum of about 12 feet, the palm doesn’t produce many fronds, but they are long and graceful. Bottle palms love well drained soils and require plenty of water and irrigation. They are salt tolerant, but easily damaged by freezing temperatures. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you will see damage on the fronds.

Dwarf Sugar (Arenga engleri): This unusual palm has a slender, clean, distinctly ringed trunk. It grows in a cluster to about 12 feet, with new growth emerging from the soil line (similar to clumping bamboo). It blossoms with colorful flowers that are known industry wide for their sweet smell. The Dwarf Sugar palm loves sunshine and water. It does best when it is planted in moist soils and receives regular fertilization. It doesn’t really tolerate drought conditions and can fail to thrive if kept in dry soil with little nutrition.

Mule Palm (xButiagrus nabonnandii): This grand, eye-catching palm is a conversation piece no one else in the neighborhood is likely to have. It’s one of the hardiest feather palms and is a man-made hybrid between the Pindo and the Queen palms. When mature, the Mule Palm displays a dark brown trunk with massive caliper. Its pinnate structured fronds are long with wide, dark green leaflets that resemble a coconut palm. By all definitions, this is the perfect palm, and, despite its tropical appearance, it is cold hardy down to at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Choose Palmco

Palmco serves all of Florida and the contiguous U.S., providing a wide selection of FF-grade palms, top-quality bamboos, and ornamental plants with different heights, shapes, textures and even colors. We pride ourselves on our environmentally conscious growing process and our well-known reputation for exceptional customer service.

Our 600-acre nursery is located on Pine Island, Florida, an 18-mile long and two-mile wide barrier island surrounded by protective turquoise waters and moderate temperatures. A long growing season enables us to grow an almost unparalleled number of high-quality cultivated plants.

Transform your client’s property in Delray Beach into a tropical haven with choice wholesale trees from Palmco, one of the largest palm plantations in North America. Get in touch with us at (239) 283-1329 to find the perfect specimen palm.