Deerfield Beach Palm Trees For Sale

Deerfield Beach Palm Trees For Sale

Palmco is one of the foremost palm tree growers in the state of Florida. When you are looking for premium palm trees for sale that will grow beautifully in Deerfield Beach, look no further.

As defined in the Florida Grades and Standards Manual, a Florida Fancy (FF) palm is “an exceptionally healthy and vigorous palm that is perfectly formed and foliated (subject to the natural growth of the species).”

We have more than 25 varieties of this most desirable grade of palms available at our farms to increase both the curb appeal and value of your customer’s home or business.

USDA Zone 10b includes Deerfield Beach, Boca del Mar, Pompano Beach Highlands and the eastern half of Broward County. With humid summers and mild winters rarely dropping below 30° to 40° F, many of our palm varieties will flourish in your climate, including:

Fishtail Palm

You can recognize the beautiful Caryota mitis palm by its swirled layers of ruffled fronds that look like the jagged tail of a goldfish. They are bipinnate palms, and the only palms with this unusual leaf anatomy. Reaching 20 to 25 feet, they are spectacular as backdrops for other plants and as single specimens and have exploded in popularity in recent years. They are clustering palms and make a great alternative to bamboo. At Palmco, we grow our Fishtail palms in the field, and some have as many as 9 heads.

Maypan Coconut Palm

The classic tropical palm, Cocos nucifera comes from Jamaica. It has a single-trunk and grows at a moderate rate to 50 to 80 feet tall. Maypans are very salt-tolerant and love the sun, two qualities that make the ideal for beachside plantings. They are cold hardy but do best in Zone 10b and coastal areas of 10a.These palms are low-maintenance; when a frond dies or a coconut is ripe, it will fall from the tree on its own. Palmco only grows coconut palms from Jamaican Certified seeds.

Montgomery Palm

This beautiful but less well-known palm comes from the South Pacific. A fast grower, Veitchia arecina typically reaches about 25 to 35 feet in overall height. It grows on a single trunk and has a canopy of 8 to 10 foot long fronds. It has stiff, feathery-textured fronds similar to the Christmas Palm and a beautiful satin dark green trunk. In summer, the tree bears yellow flowers followed by fruit which ripens to bright red. Montgomery Palms can tolerate a mild frost but prefer a sunny, well-drained location.

Roebelenii (a.k.a. Pygmy Date Palm)

One of our smaller palms, Phoenix roebelenii makes a big statement. The slow growing palm reaches heights of about 10 feet. It loves tropical warm temperatures but can tolerate temperatures down to 15° F. These palms are often grown as doubles and triples to make a multi-trunk specimen, but they can be grown with up to 6 heads, creating a beautiful focal point in any landscape.

Thatch Palm

Thrinax radiate is a Florida Keys native and thrives in the coastal and warmer areas of South Florida. A slow grower to 15 or 20 feet, it will stay low to the ground for a long time if planted in the shade. Its other names include Silk Top Thatch Palm and Sea Thatch Palm. It prefers moist sandy soil with good drainage and tolerates salt and drought very well. Plant a couple of Thatch Palms near each other for the perfect hammock location.

Visit Palmco to find palm trees for sale that are suitable for Deerfield Beach and the surrounding area.

Not only are we dedicated to growing the highest quality palms and bamboo for use in Florida landscapes, but our experts are always happy to help you learn more about the plants we cultivate.

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