Deerfield Beach Palm Tree Nursery

Deerfield Beach Palm Tree Nursery

Palm trees make a striking statement in any landscape.

Whether you need small varieties for backdrops or large, willowy trees for avenue plantings, Palmco’s palm tree nursery offers spectacular specimens for Deerfield Beach landscape architects, landscapers and wholesale buyers.

Palmco proudly offers you the biggest selection of rare palm trees, rare palm seedlings, and cycads from all over the world.

We grow 25 varieties of Florida Fancy (FF) grade palms on 600-plus acres of fields on Pine Island, Florida. They range from the traditional to the rare and exotic and from cold-hardy to tropical.

You’re certain to find palms to meet your specifications.

The hot, humid summers and mild winters in the eastern half of Broward County, designated as USDA Hardiness Zone 10b, provide the ideal growing conditions for tropical palms. This is the only part of the continental U.S. with a true tropical climate, although the area does experience cold fronts for short periods between November and March.

How to Choose Palm Trees

It’s important to select the best palm trees for your climate, but there are other factors to consider: