Clumping Bamboo for Sale near Me

Searching Google for “clumping bamboo for sale near me”? Palmco has been installing clumping bamboo in Florida landscapes since 1984. Throughout the years, we have learned several things that make bamboo planting a breeze. We offer the best quality palm and mast trees, as well as clumping bamboo. In addition, we offer tips for bamboo growing and maintenance.

Break Up the Soil

Clumping Bamboo for Sale near MeThe type of soil on your property determines the success of your clumping bamboo. The best soil for growing clumping bamboo should allow the plant roots to grow unrestricted. Clay and sand soil are not suitable for clumping bamboo because of their poor aeration and lack of microbes. Compacted soil is not recommended for clumping bamboo. Poor quality soil can restrict the growth of clumping bamboo and result in undersized plants.

The recommended soil type for clumping bamboo is loose soil rich in microbes and with excellent aeration. Excellent soil quality promotes the growth of clumping bamboo. If your soil is loose, like in many places in Florida, consider digging smaller holes for your clumping bamboo.

Amend the Soil

Once you dig the hole for your clumping bamboo, you will need to refill it after planting. Consider amending the soil before you put it back to enrich it with the nutrients your plant needs. Some of the recommended soil amendments include earthworm castings and composted manure.


Fungi play an essential role in root protection and expansion.  It also improves soil quality by enriching it with organic nutrients. One of the best ways to add fungi to the soil is by applying it to the roots during planting. Make sure the bamboo root ball is drenched with fungi before planting.

Flood the hole with water from a hose or bucket before you refill it with the amended soil. The water helps to remove large air pockets that may damage the plants’ roots. Fill the hole with water and then backfill it with the amended soil.  


Be sure to add some fertilizer to the soil to promote healthy plant growth. It is advisable to use slow or controlled release fertilizer with clumping bamboo.  This type of fertilizer only releases small quantities of nutrients with time. Therefore, worry not about the fertilizer becoming washed up altogether if it rains. In addition, it minimizes the number of chemicals that mix up with groundwater and away from your plant roots.


Cover the base of your bamboo with mulch to prevent excessive water loss. In addition, mulch enriches the soil with organic nutrients as it slowly decomposes. Be sure to regularly add a layer of mulch at the base of the plant as needed.

About Palmco

Palmco produces some of the best quality palm and mast trees in the U.S. In addition, we offer quality clumping bamboo. We aim to ensure our plants grow healthy and robust to provide clients with the quality trees they expect from us. Our clumping bamboo and palm trees are common features in many landscapes throughout the U.S. We strive to protect our 600-acre plantation and take pride in our eco-friendly growing processes. Our plantation features state-of-the-art automated irrigation and fertilization systems to ensure plants get the nutrition and moisture they need for healthy growth. In addition, we do not use any harmful chemicals at any stage of the growing process.

If you are still looking for clumping bamboo for sale near me, please contact us at (239) 283-1329 to make an order.