Clearwater Wholesale Palms

Palmco grows more than twenty species of quality palm trees in our Bokeelia, FL plantation. We supply wholesale palms in Clearwater, FL, and other counties throughout Florida. 

Clearwater Wholesale PalmsMany landscape architects and commercial contractors like to include palm trees in their commercial projects because they add elements of beauty and relaxation to the landscape. There are thousands of palm species in the world. However, some have more beautiful foliage than others. 

Here are some palm trees with the most beautiful foliage. 

Washingtonia Robusta

This palm tree variety is quite common in the desert regions of the U.S. and Mexico. It is popular with landscapers and contractors because of its fast growth and durability. In addition, this plant is highly versatile and can grow in cold climates. The Washingtonia Robusta thrives in acidic and alkaline soils and can reach heights of up to 40 feet. This plant requires regular watering and fertilization. 

Queen Palm Tree 

This South American native is common in the woodlands of Brazil and Argentina. It is a fast-growing palm tree with beautiful foliage. The Queen palm grows well in acidic or neutral, well-drained soils. In addition, it is slightly tolerant to salty and dry conditions, but it can also grow well in cold climates. 

Royal Palm Tree 

Native to the U.S, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, Royal Palm is a fast-growing species with beautiful foliage capable of reaching up to 70 feet. Although it’s mainly grown in tropical climates, Queen Palm tolerates cold climates very well. Although this plant is not prone to diseases, it does not grow well in sandy soils due to potassium deficiency. 

Windmill Palm 

Many landscape architects like the rugged nature of this plant with its beautiful foliage. Windmill Palm adapts well to acidic and alkaline, well-drained soils. Although it is a hardy plant capable of tolerating hot climates, it thrives when grown in well-watered and fertilized soils. In addition, this plant can withstand the cold climates of New York, Alaska, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and other states. Windmill palm can grow incredibly fast, reaching heights of up to 25 feet with the right conditions. 

Palm Tree Growth Rates

Some palm tree species, including Queen Palm and Foxtail Fan, have fast growth rates. Although their growth conditions primarily determine the growth rate of palm trees, some species generally grow faster than others. For instance, a fishtail fan can reach up to 40 feet with the right conditions. However, this plant requires regular watering and fertilization to achieve this growth. 

The best way to support the growth of palm trees is by watering and fertilizing the plants regularly. Landscape architects and contractors understand that palm trees thrive when grown in environments that mimic their natural habitats. Therefore, contractors need to choose palm trees for specific areas. Generally, palm trees thrive in tropical environments. 

At Palmco, we specialize in supplying some of the best quality palm trees on the market. Our growers have many years of experience and understand the right conditions for different palm tree species. In addition, we often help our clients to determine the best palm trees for their areas. For instance, for a landscaping project in Southern California or Florida, we recommend King Palm, Windmill, Fishtail, Royal, or Sabal. 

Palmco has been supplying wholesale palms to landscaping professionals and contractors in Clearwater, FL, and throughout the country for many years. Please contact our representatives for additional details about our palm tree varieties.