Clearwater Wholesale Bamboo

It’s easy to understand why many landscape architects and contractors in Clearwater, FL, have fallen in love with bamboo. The same bug has also bitten our Palmco growers; we love how the plant is tall, elegant, leafy, and graceful. However, contractors often avoid the bamboo varieties that grow bushy and spread out of control. Palmco specializes in wholesale clumping bamboo, whose growth is much easier to control than running bamboo. Many experienced landscapers and contractors in Florida prefer to grow clumping bamboo because it offers the beauty of elegant grass without all the adverse effects of invasive species. 

Clumping Bamboo Varieties

Clearwater Wholesale BambooOur clients have come to quickly realize that we have many beautiful clumping bamboo varieties that do not pose the risk of invading entire landscapes. Typically, most clumping bamboo species come from tropical and subtropical climates, but many clumping bamboo species do well in cold climates. 

Before choosing bamboo species for your landscaping project, consider a few factors about bamboo gardening. Experienced landscapers understand that they can plant bamboo varieties that won’t run out of control and become invasive. Clumping bamboo varieties are easy to keep together, which explains their popularity among commercial contractors and landscape architects. 

There are distinct differences between running and clumping bamboo. First, running bamboos have monopodial rhizome roots that spread uncontrollably and quickly become invasive. On the other hand, clumping bamboo features compact roots or sympodial rhizomes that do not spread uncontrollably. Unlike monopodial rhizomes that grow outwards, sympodial rhizomes grow upwards, resulting in a controlled, less invasive plant. 

Clumping bamboo size varies depending on the variety and growing conditions. Although clumping bamboo is generally more compact than running bamboo, the diameter of a clumping bamboo grove can be 20 feet wide. Some clumping bamboo grows wider and spreads faster than others. This is an essential consideration for landscapers because the bamboo varieties with the fastest growth require the most maintenance. 

Although most bamboo varieties have minimal growth and maintenance requirements, landscape architects conduct root inspections and maintenance to maintain the look of their bamboo. The best way to maintain the compactness of clumping bamboo is by removing the outermost canes by cutting them down with a saw or pruners. 

Bamboo Selection

Contractors need to choose suitable bamboo varieties for their landscapes. 

Palmco has some of the best clumping bamboo varieties in the U.S. We grow our bamboo in moist, well-drained soils to improve quality and health. In addition, our bamboo is grown in full sun exposure to boost growth and quality. Our bamboo varieties are robust and can grow in almost any environment, including rocks, sand, and clay soils. 

Our clumping bamboo is an excellent option for contractors looking for beautiful cane grass that won’t invade their landscapes. We have fast-growing species such as Timor Black, Seabreeze, and Tropical Blue. In addition, our bamboo varieties require minimal maintenance and are as beautiful as ornamental plants. Many landscaping architects include our bamboo varieties as screening hedges and ground cover in their projects. 

Palmco has more than fourteen varieties of wholesale clumping bamboo in Clearwater, FL. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to order.