Clearwater Palm Trees for Sale

As one of Clearwater’s leading wholesalers of palm trees for sale, Palmco understands what it takes to grow and nurture quality trees for our clients, including landscape architects and commercial developers. One of the reasons for our high transplant success rate is our growers’ knowledge of advanced transplant guidelines. We take multiple steps to prevent transplant shock to ensure the palm trees our clients have ordered grow to maturity after transporting them from our Pine Island, FL plantation.

Clearwater Palm Trees for SalePalm trees are prone to transplant shock caused by root aggravation and changes in air and daylight. Like many plants, palm trees are not intended for transplanting from their original locations. Poor transplanting methods can cause palms to lose some roots, which play essential roles in water and nutrient absorption. Our experienced growers use multiple methods to prevent palm tree transplant shock.

Plant Acclimatization

Our growers take the time to acclimatize palm trees before transplanting. Although palm trees can withstand changes in moisture, temperature, and sunlight, our growers help them adapt to their new environments by exposing them to the environmental conditions of the new planting locations a few days ahead of time. This strategy helps prevent transplant shock by giving our palm trees adequate time to adapt to the environmental conditions of the new location.

Prevent Palm Tree Injuries

Our growers transplant palm trees with caution to prevent tree root injuries. Like other plants, palm trees lose some of their roots during transplanting. Some of our palm trees are grown in pots, meaning their roots fold-over within the containers where they have been planted. To avoid tree shock during transplanting, our growers never trim the folded roots to make them fit into the new locations. We understand that palm trees rely on their intricate root systems to access nutrients and water from the soil. Therefore, we avoid trimming off the roots during transplant altogether.

Soil Quality

Our growers try to keep as much soil as possible in the root balls during the transplant. In some cases, they may try to remove some soil from the root ball, especially if they expect to supplant the dirt with high-quality soil. However, this is not the standard practice. In most cases, our growers leave as much dirt and mulch within the root balls as possible.

Do it With Love

As one of the leading palm tree growers for many generations, we understand that succeeding in this industry is not easy. Our achievements as a business and nursery can be attributed to growing palm and mast trees with passion, a crucial feature of everything we do. Therefore, when it comes to transplanting palm trees to new locations, we do it with love. We often transport palm trees of varying sizes ranging from small to large. If we have to transplant large palm trees, we wrap their trunks in a wet tarp, cloth, or burlap to prevent injuries to the trunk, which could lead to pest infestations. In addition, depending on the palm tree variety, we usually tie the fronds to facilitate transport.

Water and Fertilizer

Generally, our growers avoid fertilizing palm trees immediately after transplanting. We are patient with the growth and development of our palm trees. Therefore, we give our trees the chance to mature and develop new roots after transplanting before adding fertilizers or supplements.

Once transplanted, we water our palm trees adequately to prevent shock, and our growers understand the water and fertilizer requirements of different palm tree varieties. We avoid transplanting our palm trees when the sun is usually intense in the middle of the day. Instead, we usually transplant our palm trees in the evenings, giving them all night to adapt to their new environments.

Many landscape architects and commercial developers in Clearwater, FL, rely on Palmco for tips on preventing palm tree transplant shock. Please contact us today for additional tips and to order the palm trees we have for sale.