Cabbage Palms For Sale

Cabbage Palms For SaleCabbage Palms For Sale

Cabbage Palms, for sale at Palmco, are also known as Sabal Palms.

They are originally from Southeast Asia, which may explain why they are one of the more cold-hardy palm trees available.

Cabbage Palms will grow in zones 7B to 11, which means they can withstand single-digit temperatures. They are also Florida’s state palm tree, so they are easily recognizable throughout Florida. Even though this palm tree is relatively cold-hardy, it will still need some special care and attention in colder weather.

Palmco is home to one of the nation’s largest palm tree plantations.

When you pair the sheer size and species availability with our 30 years of palm tree growing experience, we can offer our customers unbeatable advantages.

We can provide you with helpful information, tips, and so much more to ensure that your palm trees remain healthy and beautiful long after they leave our property.

Tips for Purchasing Cold Hardy Palms

Even when a palm tree is considered cold-hardy, it doesn’t mean you can leave it out in the cold unattended. You may need to take special care to be sure that your palm successfully survives the winter.

One of the most important things to consider before exposing your palm to cold weather is whether it is healthy. A healthy tree is much more likely to be able to survive in low temperatures.

Think of the tree as having an immune system.

If the tree is sick to begin with, then its immune system is weak, and it may not be able to “fight off” the cold as effectively.

If you are planting in a colder weather location, you may also want to consider purchasing a more mature palm tree. Older palm trees are naturally stronger than younger trees, and are much more likely to be able to withstand the cold without problems. This also means that you may want to plant the tree during the warmer months to give its roots time to get established before it has to cope with the cold weather.

Other Cold Hardy Palm Trees

There are other species of palm trees that will withstand colder temperatures, just like the Cabbage Palm:

Chinese Windmill Palm

This palm tree thrives in zones 7B to 10B and may actually struggle in hotter temperatures. It is not very drought-tolerant, but can withstand temperatures as low as 5° F. It has fronds that can spread out and reach nearly 10 feet in length. This slow-growing beauty is definitely a sight to see!

Queen Palm Tree

The Queen palm can withstand temperatures as low as 25° F. This is interesting considering it originates from Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Unlike the Chinese Windmill Pam, the Queen Palm is a much faster grower. It will also produce a great canopy for shade.

Pindo Palm

This palm tree will do well in temperatures as low as 12 to 15° F. It flourishes in zones 8A to 10B. The Pindo Palm usually reaches heights of only about 15 feet. It is also known for producing jelly, so it sometimes referred to as the Jelly Palm.

Choosing the right palm tree for your project is as easy as picking up the phone and talking to a member of our experienced staff. We offer Cabbage Palms for sale to landscape architects, designers and developers, as well as a variety of other cold-hardy palm trees.

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