Buy Timor Black Bamboo in Florida

Buy Timor Black Bamboo in Florida

Have your clients asked you to buy Timor Black bamboo in Florida? Are you wondering about the best place to go for bamboo? Palmco is your answer.

Palmco is a family owned business started by Mark and Ronda Dean in 1984. We now have three generations of growing experience and over thirty years in the industry. Located on gorgeous Pine Island in Florida, we are home to more than 600 acres of production!

One of our family’s goals is to protect this paradise we call home. We utilize green growing techniques that incorporate state-of-the-art irrigation, fertilization, and soil moisture monitoring systems. This helps us ensure that our plants get exactly what they need when they need it while also reducing water usage and the potential for leaching of unwanted impurities into the environment.

Additionally, we recycle all of our plant waste and by-product materials into mulch that we reuse on our plant beds. Plus, we never apply restricted use chemicals to our palms or bamboos.

Our products are what put us on the map, but it is our customer service that keeps us there. When you order plants from us for your clients, you can trust that they will be hand selected by our experts, arrive on time, and be in pristine, ready to plant condition.

Facts about Timor Black

Timor Black bamboo can be found naturally growing in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and possibly Malaysia. Like all the bamboo we sell, it is a noninvasive, clumping bamboo variety.

No doubt your client has requested this particular bamboo due to its striking shiny black, or chocolate brown, culms with green stripes. The bushy dark green foliage just adds to its appeal as an ornamental or centerpiece. We consider it to be the absolute best black bamboo for landscaping to date.

Timor Black’s deep green leaves are of a medium size and the culms are nicely spaced. They can grow to be about 3 inches in diameter and reach heights of 40 feet on average. However, you can trim this bamboo to any height you desire.

The culms grow erect except at the very top where they begin to curl, or weep. And you will find very few branches on the lower parts of them, which gives you perfect access to the uniquely colored canes.
Because clumping bamboo has a tendency to grow in a circular pattern, it is always a good idea to space them apart from one another based on the width you have to work with. This is particularly useful when you are planting them for the purpose of screening or hedges.

Keep in mind that Timor Black is not the fastest growing bamboo available. But, if you take good care of your specimens, you can expect them to reach full maturity in three to four years. New shoots will be green and will then transition to black in about six to nine months.

If you need your Timor Black to reach maturity faster than that, just contact our experts to see what sizes we have available in our inventory.

Palmco is the best place to buy Timor Black bamboo in Florida. You can place an order, or ask additional questions, by calling (239) 283.1329.