Buy Seabreeze Bamboo in Florida

Buy Seabreeze Bamboo in Florida

Don’t know where to buy Seabreeze bamboo in Florida? Your best source is Palmco! With more than thirty years of experience in this industry, we can provide you with top quality palms and bamboo.

Palmco is a family owned business that boasts three generations of growing expertise. Our professionals will hand select your bamboo or palm orders and make sure they arrive to you on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition.

We are home to more than 600 acres of production and are one of the largest palm tree and bamboo plantations in the country. Our products put us on the map, but it is our customer service that keeps us there. We can answer all your palm and bamboo

We should also tell you that we use green growing processes. Our irrigation, fertilization, and soil moisture monitoring systems are top-of-the-line and ensure that our plants are getting exactly what they need when they need it. And, we recycle all our plant waste and by-products into mulch that we reuse on our plant beds. We want to keep our little piece of paradise in optimum health for years and generations to come!

Learn about Seabreeze Bamboo

Seabreeze bamboo, or Bambusa malingensis, is a fast growing, hardy, tough, and bushy bamboo with unique canes. They are an attractive blue-white with small leaves and branching that occurs at the lowest internode.

Seabreeze is a native of Southern China. Thanks to its tolerance of salty breezes and high winds, it is an excellent bamboo to plant in the coastal areas of Texas, Southern California, and Florida. Many people desire it for the purpose of using it as a windbreaker.

This bamboo reaches heights of 40 feet tall, on average, and is cold hardy down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It is considered a mid-size bamboo that forms a graceful umbrella shaped arch when it matures. Thankfully there are very few lower branches, which means you can truly enjoy the beauty of the distinctive canes.

Seabreeze bamboo is a noninvasive, clumping variety (the only type we grow at Palmco). It forms tight, dense clumps with straight culms. This design makes it great for screening installations. And, thanks to how quickly it grows, your clients will enjoy a great screen in as little as 1 years’ time.

Seabreeze bamboo has a number of exceptional qualities. It is capable of tolerating both droughts and floods. Additionally, it is salt and wind tolerant and quite beautiful!

One final thing to note as a landscape designer or architect, Seabreeze makes a great hedge. It will form very tightly and can be kept at whatever height your client desires, or you can allow it to grow to its full height. This versatility makes it highly desirable as a hedge plant.

If you need additional assistance with planting protocol or just basic information on Seabreeze bamboo, or any of the other bamboos and palms we offer, our experts are always prepared to assist you.

Now that you know the best place to buy Seabreeze bamboo in Florida, we hope you will give Palmco a call at (239) 283.1329 to place your order today.