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Established in Bokeelia, Florida in 1984, Palmco grows 15 varieties of non-invasive clumping bamboos and is dedicated to providing landscape architects, landscapers and wholesale buyers with the best possible bamboo selection.

Palmco serves the east coast of Florida up to the Carolina Coast and along the Gulf Coast to Texas, as well as many other regions of the United States.

About Oldhamii Bamboo

Often called Timber, Giant Timber or Old Timber Bamboo, Oldhamii Bamboo, a native of Southern China and the island of Taiwan, is not a timber bamboo. It can, however, grow 50 to 60 feet tall with large 4- to 5-inch diameter culms.

When grown in a shady environment, new culms are a darker green with silver powder. In sunny conditions, they will have an orange hue. Bambusa oldhamii is one of the straightest growing bamboo species and one of the most attractive and economical screening and wind barrier varieties. It is tolerant of a variety of climates and can handle temperatures down to 20°F as well as short wet and dry spells. Added bonus? The towering bamboo will serenade you with lovely “bamboo sounds” when it sways in the wind.