Buy Oldhamii Bamboo in Florida

Buy Oldhamii Bamboo in Florida

Want to know the best place to buy Oldhamii bamboo in Florida? The answer is Palmco! With more than 600 acres of palm and bamboo production, we are home to one of the largest palm plantations in the nation!

Palmco is a family owned business with more than thirty years of experience in this industry and three generations of professional growers. Our palms can be found in some of the most prestigious places around the world. While our products, palms and bamboos, may have put us on the map, it’s our customer service that keeps us there.

When you order bamboo or palms from us for your commercial or residential customers you can rest assured that your plants will be hand-selected by our experts. And, we guarantee that they will arrive on time in pristine, ready to plant condition. Plus, we never utilize restricted use chemicals on our plants. These things make us who we are.

An Oldhamii Education

Hailing from Southern China and Taiwan, Bambusa oldhamii, is a beautiful, low maintenance, hardy, and giant bamboo. In fact, another of its common names is Giant Timber. And, the young shoots it produces are a staple in Taiwanese food culture.

You can find Oldhamii being cultivated all over the world from South America to Germany to the United States. It does well in Florida, Texas, and Southern California. This is because it can handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your clients are looking for bamboo that will reach great heights, this is an excellent choice because on average, Oldhamii will grow to 60 feet tall. Obviously, that’s where it gets the other common name we mentioned, Giant Timber.

Oldhamii is one of the most common large tropical bamboos grown in the U.S. And, if you are a theme park fan, you will notice that it is the most widely planted bamboo in those locales in Orlando, Florida.

When Oldhamii matures, it lacks lower branches which gives it a stately, erect appearance. And, that allows it to be utilized in smaller urban landscapes. But it makes a wonderfully effective hedge for blocking second story commercial or residential building views. Of course, people use it as a specimen piece as well.

Bambusa oldhamii is a noninvasive, giant, tropical, clumping bamboo that is a wonderful pick for those of you working in coastal areas. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used bamboos grown in this nation for windbreak purposes.

Oldhamii grows quickly. So, you can expect that within a period of three years you will have large culms even if you start off with some of our smaller sizes. These culms are erect, tall, and have an attractive dark green hue.

As a landscape designer or architect, you now have an Oldhamii education! This should help you make the right choices for your installations and landscape creations. And, if you have additional questions about Oldhamii, or any other bamboo or palm your clients might be interested in, Palmco’s experts are your best resource!

Now that you know where to buy Oldhamii bamboo in Florida, give Palmco a call at (239) 283.1329 today to place an order or get your questions answered!