Buy Fruit Trees Punta Gorda

If you are looking to buy fruit trees for a Punta Gorda landscape, Palmco is your answer. We can help you make an impressive statement in your landscape designs with varieties that are well suited for that area of the state.

Palmco grows dozens of top-quality tropical and cold-hardy palms, fruit trees, and clumping bamboo varieties. We have 600+ acres under cultivation.

Buy Fruit Trees Punta GordaWe nurture every plant in our warm, fertile environment, giving it ample space to grow with proper nutrition. When it’s time to dig your trees for pick-up or delivery, our digging and strapping techniques leave no scarring or trauma to the trees.

Southwest Florida is an excellent area for growing palm trees, fruit trees, and clumping bamboo. However, it is crucial to know which tree and plant varieties will withstand the coldest weather in your area. As one of the largest palm tree and bamboo plantations in Florida, we are always available to help you determine which plants will work best for you and your customers!

Understanding the Process

What landscape is truly complete in Southwest Florida without fruit trees? That part of the state is ideal for fruit production, and once the trees you plant get acclimated to your customers’ properties, the harvest they produce will add to the enjoyment of living there. It’s time for people to take advantage of the Florida climate and grow their own fruit.

Essentially, there are three rules for growing fruit trees well:

  • Choose the right tree. There are a wide range of fruit trees that are known to thrive in Punta Gorda and the whole of Southwest Florida. These trees include orange, tangelo, lemon, tangerine, and cocktail citrus. If you have specific questions about any of these varieties, our experts will always help answer them.
  • Pick the perfect spot to plant. It is important to know that the absolute best placement for a fruit tree in our state is somewhere that gives it some protection from the northern winds. Citrus is easily damaged by frost, so ensure that the location is facing south (preferably), has full access to the sun, and isn’t too close to other trees, septic tanks, or structures.
  • Keep the tree safe. When young, new fruit trees are especially susceptible to damage. This is particularly true in the first few growing seasons, winter months, and the initial installation. Over time, the tree’s tolerance and durability will increase, but it is best to baby it for the first two seasons at the minimum. It is essential to cover the entire tree with a tight layer of plastic or cloth during freezes. While freezing temperatures are rare in Southwest Florida, they could mean death to your young tree if not adequately protected.

At Palmco, we can help you buy suitable fruit trees for Punta Gorda. Visit us to discover some of the most spectacular species available in the region. You can contact us at 239.283.1329 for help choosing the perfect fruit tree, palm tree, or clumping bamboo.