Buy Fruit Trees Pine Island

If you are looking to buy fruit trees in Pine Island, we suggest you contact Palmco. With more than 600 acres in cultivation, we are one of the largest palm and bamboo plantations in the United States. But we don’t just specialize in palm trees and bamboos.

Buy Fruit Trees Pine IslandThe waters surrounding our Southwest Florida Pine Island plantation maintain perfect temperatures throughout the year, allowing our palms, bamboos, and fruit trees to reach their highest potential in height, health, and beauty.

Summers are hot and humid, with significant rainfall and frequent thunderstorms. Winter, spring, and fall are typically mild and dry. In fact, winter temperatures are warmer on the Pinellas Peninsula than on mainland Florida. This makes for an excellent location to grow fruit trees!

Fruit Trees Have Surprising Benefits

Your customers’ decisions to integrate fruit trees into their properties and landscapes have plenty of surprising benefits. Planting fruit trees aids in reducing climate change and soil and water conservation and can also improve property values and personal lifestyles.

Here’s how fruit trees will benefit your customers:

  • Higher property values. Any landscaping additions that are made to a property, when done well, can add to its value. Placing fruit trees on the property also adds an aesthetic value when they are used as focal points or as parts of garden areas.
  • Lower energy bills. Mixing citrus trees throughout the landscape can lower the temperature of the property where they grow. It makes yards far more enjoyable in the summer heat of Southwest Florida and means spending more time appreciating the outdoors and less time worrying about lowering the thermostat.
  • Fruit trees are good for you. The most apparent and absolutely fundamental benefit of installing fruit trees is that they produce fruit! When properly cared for, it will only take a few growing seasons before your customers start to appreciate the production their trees offer.

And here are some tips to help ensure that your customers get the most out of the trees you plant for them:

  1. Make a plan for where the tree is going. Citrus trees generally require about 15 feet of separation from other trees and structures. Following that guideline will enable the trees you plant to properly take root and establish a beautiful and unrestricted canopy.
  2. Know how to take care of the trees. If you are going to be the one maintaining the landscape, it is necessary to learn about the upkeep and environmental demands associated with citrus trees. Our experts will gladly provide you with the knowledge and guidance for your installations to be successful.
  3. Don’t minimize the environmental value. When you add fruit trees to a landscape or commercial property, you help reduce carbon in the air. And fruit trees help to stabilize soil and draw the attention of bees during pollination times.

To buy fruit trees in Pine Island, give Palmco a call at 239.283.1329, or stop by our Pine Island plantation to tour our facility and learn about our green growing techniques and your fruit tree options.