Buy Fishtail Palm Trees in Florida

Buy Fishtail Palm Trees in Florida

Searching for a place to buy Fishtail palm trees in Florida? Look no further than Palmco, one of the nation’s largest palm tree plantations with more than 600 acres of palm tree production!

Our family owned business was started more than thirty years ago, and we now have three generations of palm tree growing experience. Our palms can be seen in some of the most prestigious locations around the world! And we are located on gorgeous Pine Island in Florida, where palm trees can be successfully grown and nurtured.

As a landscape designer or architect, your clients depend on you for spectacular installations in their commercial and residential locations. And, that means you need a premiere palm tree purveyor, like Palmco, to provide you with the healthiest, most attractive palms and bamboos. So, when you order from us rest assured that you will receive your plants on time and in pristine, ready to plant, condition!

The Fishtail Palm Story

Fishtail palms are considered clumping palms that will grow up to 20 feet in height, on average. They are best suited for your clients who live in USDA Zones 10A-11. They are moderately drought tolerant.

These palms are native to Thailand and Southeast Asia. They are fast growing and over the past 15 years have enjoyed some significant increases in popularity. This could be due to the fact that they aren’t just outdoor palms. They can be cultivated indoors for use in atrium environments and well-lit spaces within a home or office.

Most of the Fishtail palms we grow are field raised. However, at Palmco, we do have a limited inventory of those that have been container grown. Just call us to check to see what we have in stock if that’s your goal because the majority of the market dictates the use of these outdoors.

You will find that many nurseries only grow Fishtail palms as singles, doubles, or triples. However, Palmco, can provide you with terrific specimens that have as many as 9 heads. These full bushy palms are guaranteed to draw serious attention wherever you install them.

In fact, their installation possibilities are quite versatile. Due to their bushy nature they work well as screening. But because they are so unique to look at, they are just as valuable as standalone centerpieces.

The visually stunning appearance of these palms is based on the fact that they are the only palms with a bipinnate leaf anatomy. This means that the main branches include additional side branches. Which, of course, give it that full, bushy appearance. The bipinnate leaf anatomy is what provides this palm with its fishtail resemblance.

Due to the fact that the Fishtail palm is a clumping palm, it is also monocarpic. That means that as the cane nears the end of its life it will flower one time. But, not to worry. As those older canes die off, there will be new ones to replace them.

You can buy Fishtail palm trees in Florida from Palmco and expect to receive hand-selected specimens that your clients will love. Give us a call at (239) 238.1329 today to place an order or check our inventory.