Buy Emerald Bamboo in Florida

Trying to make a decision about where to buy Emerald bamboo in Florida? Your best option is Palmco.

Palmco is a family owned business established in 1984. We are located on more than 600 acres on gorgeous Pine Island in Florida. In fact, we are one of the largest palm tree plantations in the United States, having begun our bamboo endeavors in 2011.

Our family has three generations of growing experience and more than thirty years in this business. We love where we are located and so we are committed to green growing processes that will help maintain the health of the environment around us. We never utilize restricted use chemicals on our plants.

More importantly, our irrigation, fertilization and soil moisture monitoring systems are state-of-the-art. They help us ensure that our plants get only what they need when they need it. And, they allow us to reduce our water usage and the potential for leaching of unwanted impurities into the ground around us.

While our products are certainly what put us on the map, our palms are found in some of the most prestigious locations around the world, it is our devotion to customer service that keeps us there. We hand-select every order and guarantee that it arrives on time in pristine, ready to plant condition. Palmco is the way to go for all of your wholesale palm and bamboo needs!

Why Choose Emerald Bamboo?

Emerald bamboo, or Bambusa mutabilis, is a native of China. Some describe it as being exactly what bamboo should look like. Yet, it has its own very unique appearance.

The internodes on Emerald bamboo are quite long. And they have a somewhat persistent while bloom on them. But more intriguing than that is the color variations as the bamboo grows. New shoots will have a blue tinge that stays through the first year of growth and then shifts to an emerald green color. So, as the culms grow you will notice the multiple color shades. This is a striking feature that makes Emerald bamboo highly desirable.

Emerald bamboo is quite cold hardy. It can endure temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Its new shoots will come up quite close to the existing canes which makes it a tightly clumping variety of bamboo. This could be used very successfully as a dense privacy screen, especially since it grows to 40 feet tall on average.

Because the canes are tall and straight with very minimal instances of side shoots, you will rarely have to prune this type of bamboo. It should only take about a year for you to see the benefits of using Emerald bamboo for screening or hedge work. This will certainly please your customers. And, we sell our bamboo in various sizes, so make sure you give the experts at Palmco a call to determine what we currently have available!

Without a doubt, Palmco is your best option when trying to find the best place to buy Emerald bamboo in Florida. Give our professional staff a call at (239) 283.1329 today to place your order or find out more about our inventory.