Buy Coconut Palm Trees in Florida

Buy Coconut Palm Trees in Florida

People falsely assume that all palm trees produce coconuts, so, if you are looking to buy coconut palm trees in Florida, Palmco is your answer. With more than thirty years in this industry, we know everything you need to know about palms in general and coconut palms specifically.

Palmco is a family owned business with three generations of expertise in palm tree production. In fact, we are home to one of the nation’s largest palm tree plantations with more than 600 acres of palms and bamboo. In fact, our palms can be found in some of the most prestigious places in the world! So, when you have palm tree questions, we should be your number one source for answers and products.


As we said previously, people mistakenly believe that all palm trees produce coconuts. Obviously, this is not the case. At Palmco we provide our wholesale clients with three different coconut palm options:

Coconut- Green Malayan: Hailing from Jamaica, this palm is both salt and drought tolerant. Green Malayan’s are smaller than Maypans, but they can still reach heights between 50 and 80 feet! Though they are often referred to as Dwarf Malayans the reality of this term is more specific to the height at which they will produce coconuts. Green Malayans will produce fruit when there’s just 2-3 feet of grey wood visible. Luckily, Palmco has all sizes of Green Malayans, from 4 feet of wood all the way up to 25 feet!

Coconut- Maypan: Also native to Jamaica, Maypans are a sturdy, hybrid coconut palm. The heights they reach are no different than the Green Malayan, but the design of their big bottomed trunks is what helps you tell the difference. They were engineered to be exceptionally cold hardy and resistant to Lethal Yellowing. They are low maintenance palms, self-pruning, like the Green Malayan. The coconuts from these trees are used for all sorts of purposes making them one of the most useful plants on the planet.

High Plateau Coconut: A newer palm for those of us at Palmco, the High Plateau Coconut is a native of Madagascar. These palms are hardy against fire, drought, frost, cold, and potentially even hurricanes. High Plateau Coconuts appear to be resistant to Lethal Yellowing too. They generally reach heights between 30 and 50 feet tall and grow at a slow rate. You will see the most success with these palms when you plant them in USDA Zones 9A-11. They prefer full sun and can handle a variety of soil types though they naturally grow along sandy riverbeds. It’s a good idea to make sure they get the appropriate amount of water to keep them in optimum health.

Both the Green Malayan and Maypan are only grown from Jamaican Certified seeds. This helps us guarantee that our wholesale customers are providing their clients with top of the line products. And, our team of experts, hand-selects each order to ensure that you receive pristine, ready to plant, palms on the date you request delivery. We are proud to be on time. Our products put us on the map, but our customer service is what keeps us there!

When you need to buy Coconut palm trees in Florida, Palmco is the best place to do so. You can place an order or check on our inventory by giving our professionals a call at (239) 283.1329 today!