Buy Alexander Palm Trees in Florida

Buy Alexander Palm Trees in Florida

When your clients want you to buy Alexander palm trees for their Florida properties, you should shop Palmco. Located on gorgeous Pine Island we are the premiere palm tree purveyor in the state.

Palmco is a family owned business established in 1984. We have three generations of palm tree growing experience and are home to one of the countries’ largest palm tree plantations extending more than 600 acres worth of production.

We take great pride in our “green” growing processes. In fact, all of our plant byproduct materials and waste are constantly recycled into mulch. We return this mulch to our palm tree beds. It helps decrease our water usage, increases soil moisture retention, improves soil fertility and richness, and reduces off site landfill excess.

Our palms are nurtured to grow strong and healthy so that we can provide our customers with the quality palms and bamboos they demand. In fact, Palmco palms can be found at many of the most prestigious locations around the world. When you order from us you can rest assured that your palms will arrive on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition.

Everything You Need to Know about Alexander Palms

The Alexander palm is also known as the Solitaire palm. It hails from Australia and will do best in USDA zones 10B-11. As a native Australian palm, it grows at a moderate rate and is well-suited to narrow spaces due to its smaller canopy and slender trunk.

Leaf scars mark the entire length of the trunk, which is a grayish color. It is wider at the base but will remain slim as it grows to its overall height. These palms typically don’t exceed 20 feet in height. They love the sun but are not fond of cold winds that can burn the tips of their fronds.

With that information in mind, as an architect or landscape designer, we advise that you plant these trees in sites that are protected from those drying, cold winds.

Though naturally a solitary growing palm, we like to grow them at Palmco as doubles and triples. But we also grow them in multi-trunk beauties too.

One of the greatest aspects of the Alexander palm is its versatility. You can use a large container and give it time to acclimate if you decide that you want it to be an indoor plant. Of course, the fact that it is a self-cleaning palm makes it attractive to many people. That means there is little maintenance, aside from picking up the fronds when they fall off on their own.

If you are careful to plant the Alexander in a place that is protected from cold snaps and wind, your customers will be able to enjoy its uninterrupted beauty all year round. However, if that’s not possible, rest assured that as soon as the warm temperatures return, it will perk up.

Lastly, it’s important to know that splits in the trunk of this palm are not uncommon. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the tree!

If you are interested in the best place to buy Alexander palm trees in Florida, Palmco is your perfect resource. Give us a call today at 239.283.1329 to find out about availability and pricing.