Buy Adonidia “Christmas” Palm Trees in Florida

Buy Adonidia "Christmas" Palm Trees in Florida

Looking to buy Adonidia “Christmas” palm trees in Florida? If you are a landscape designer or architect, Palmco is your number one resource for palms and bamboo.

Palmco is a family owned business located on more than 600 acres on gorgeous Pine Island. Our four generations of growing experience make it obvious why we are home to the one of the largest palm plantations in the nation.

Our palm trees range from the exotic and rare to the most abundant and widely used varieties. We take great pride in our green growing process. To protect the island paradise on which we are located, we never employ restricted use chemicals, and we use systems and stations that help reduce the potential for leaching. All plant waste and by-products are recycled into mulch that is reused on our palm tree beds.

Our palms are hand-selected by our dedicated service team. We guarantee that they will arrive to you on time and in pristine, ready to plant condition. We work very hard at treating our customers right so that your clients are happy with you!

Meet the Christmas Palm

The Adonidia Palm is a versatile palm, originally from the Philippines. It is most often grown and sold in single, double, or triple formations. However, Adonidia can also be cultivated in quad and multi formations. This palm has a formal and smart appearance and fits into any residential or commercial landscape, working well indoors and out.

Keep in mind that Adonidia are not cultivated to withstand some of South Florida’s chilly cold snaps. They will be subjected to damage at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and death at 26 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why it is most important to plant them in their suggested USDA zones 10B-11.

Adonidias are sometimes referred to as dwarf Royal Palms but they will never dwarf a house like a true Royal Palm would. Occasionally they can reach heights of 25 feet tall, but you can rest assured that they will always fit into even small yards.

Surely you are wondering why they are also called Christmas palms? The Adonidia produces blossoms and fruit during the Christmas season, thereby earning its nickname.

Adonidia are pretty resilient palms. They don’t have any known pest issues. Historically there has been some susceptibility to Lethal Yellowing but, over the years, given the vast number of Adonidias planted in Florida that have not been infected, we believe it’s reasonable to assume that they have developed a resistance to this contemptible palm disease.

If you like Adonidias, you might also like these other attractive and versatile palm tree options:

Triangle (Dypsis Decaryi). The Triangle palm’s leaves are grown almost upright from the trunk and arch outward gracefully. The leaf bases are arranged in three vertical columns that are set at about 120 degrees apart. This gives the palm a triangular shape; thus, the name. Like the Adonidia, it can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Roebelenii (Phoenix Roebelenii). One of the most widely used palms in the south, this slow growing variety is pest resistant You can purchase these palms in single, double, and triple formations. Sometimes they can even have six heads, which make them beautiful centerpieces!

If you would like to buy Adonidia “Christmas” palm trees in Florida, Palmco is your best resource. We can help you pick the right palms and know exactly how to best install them on your client’s property. Give us a call at (239) 283-1329 to place an order.