Bottle Palms For Sale

Bottle Palms For Sale

Palmco offers bottle palms for sale to satisfy all of your landscaping needs.

These palms are a great choice for smaller spaces.

They are easily distinguishable because of their bottle-shaped trunks, and they only reach about twelve feet high when they are fully grown. That means they are a good choice for an outdoor gathering space or indoors as an accent plant in great rooms or entryways.

Palmco has over 20 varieties of palm trees, so we can find the palm that is just right for your needs.

We offer you over 30 years of bamboo- and palm-growing experience and one of the largest plantations in the nation. Palmco’s team of experienced professionals can find you the right palm or bamboo for your landscaping project.

Growing Bottle Palm Trees

Bottle Palms thrive best in warmer temperatures as they are native to the Mascarenes, a group of islands off the coast of Madagascar. They prefer drier soil, and are often found in Florida, Southern California, Hawaii, and other warm climate locations.

They can also be grown in the northern areas and taken in or protected during the winter.

Because the Bottle Palm prefers warmer temperatures, it is very susceptible to damage in low temperatures. Those who have Bottle Palms should take care to provide insulation for the fronds if cold temperatures are predicted.

Wrap up the fronds with a blanket, tarp, or sheets. It might also be a good idea to wait to clean the fronds until the weather is warmer; the fronds themselves can add further insulation.

Other Warm Weather Palms

It’s no secret that most palms thrive in warmer weather.

Many other palm trees also enjoy warmer climates, including:

King Alexander Palm

The King Palm is a much larger palm tree. It reaches up to 40 feet tall when fully grown. It is a great accent piece for much larger landscaping projects. Even though this palm is heat tolerant, it is also somewhat cold-hardy. It can withstand temperatures as low as 26º F.

Chinese Fan Palm

The Chinese Fan Palm is very cold hardy as well, but is also extremely drought-tolerant. These are slow growers, and do not get very tall, much like the Bottle Palm. The Chinese Fan Palm has large, wide fronds that make an attractive canopy, but it only reaches about 25 feet in height when full-grown.

Coconut-Green Malayan

This palm tree is both salt-tolerant and drought-tolerant, and can reach heights of 80 feet when it is full-grown. This variety will produce coconuts faster than some other coconut-producing palms. The plants will, however, need to be washed off to prevent damage if they are in areas that have frequent salt spray.

Mexican Fan Palm

The Mexican Fan Palm, or Washingtonia robusta, is very drought-tolerant. Like the Chinese Fan Palm, however, this palm tree is very cold-tolerant as well. This palm tree will reach heights nearing 100 feet.

Although most palm trees appreciate warmer weather, few are small enough to place in a large pot and move inside during colder months. The Bottle Palm, however, offers that kind of flexibility, so it can provide a tropical oasis inside and out.

To discuss the Bottle Palms we have for sale, or any of these other more drought-tolerant options, give Palmco a call at (239) 283-1329.

We can help you find the perfect palm for your project!