Bottle Palm Trees for Sale

Complete your search for Bottle palm trees for sale here at Palmco! With nearly 3000 species of palms in the world we are sure to be able to help you find the one that works best for your clients’ landscapes and climates.

Bottle Palm Trees for Sale

Palmco has been growing and nurturing palm trees since 1984, and we have over 600 acres planted with the finest FF (Florida Fancy) grade palms. Our goal is to provide landscape architects, landscapers, and wholesale buyers with high-quality plants that are perfect for their growing zones and microclimates.

Palmco has wholesale palm trees available to solve all of your landscaping needs. We make every effort to deliver our palms on-time, in excellent condition, and ready to plant.

Ensure Your Bottle Palms are Successful

These palms are so unique in appearance, having a bottle shaped trunk that is swollen and rounded, elongating as the tree ages. These trees are native to the Mascarene Islands where they enjoy balmy temperatures and sandy soils. Therefore, we do not suggest attempting to plant the Bottle palm in northern states.

In your experience as a landscape designer or architect we imagine you have noticed that plants are incredibly adaptable. The Bottle palm is no exception, having developed a thicker trunk and scaly crown which people think may have been for the purposes of water storage though there is no proof.

The scientific name for this palm, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis contains its description and purpose when translated from the original language. It is described as being a flask stemmed (lagenicaulis) pig feeder (Hyophorbe). The fruit was used for that purpose, historically. And this is even reflected in Biblical texts when the pigs are cast into the ocean.

Bear in mind that the Bottle palm is a relatively small palm only reaching heights of 10 feet. Yet, its fronds can extend as far out as 12 feet holding 2 foot leaflets. Those fronds will ultimately die off and will leave scraggly scars along the smooth grayish white topped trunk.

Dry soils and warm weather are ideal habitats for the Bottle palm. This is why they are often cultivated in southern California and here at Palmco on beautiful Pine Island, in Florida. As long as the soil has plenty of potassium, and has had topsoil or sand added when planted, the Bottle palm should be fine. Just make sure you water it well until it has enough time to develop the deep roots which will enable it to tolerate short periods of drought in the future.

The most important thing to remember about Bottle palms is that they are not cold hardy. It is extremely necessary to ensure they are protected from times of frost. They aren’t self-cleaning and will require you to trim dead fronds, but only do that in the warmer months as the dead fronds add protection in the winter.

As long as your bottle palms are moderately moist, planted in good soil, and are in the sunlight, the effort of continued care will be minimal. Fertilize in the spring and keep an eye out for disease and pests then battle those immediately.

You can buy wholesale Bottle palms for sale at Palmco and get all the information you need to grow them successfully from our experts. Give us a call at 239.283.1329 for additional information or to place an order.