Bonita Springs Wholesale Bamboo Plants

Looking for Bonita Springs wholesale bamboo plants? Boasting over 600 acres in production, Palmco is one of the largest wholesale clumping bamboo suppliers in North America. When you need a non-invasive, fast-growing plant that will transform a client’s landscape into a tropical paradise, we can help.

Bonita Springs Wholesale Bamboo PlantsPalmco, a family owned business, is proud to have spent 35 years providing the very best in palm trees, clumping bamboo, and now Mast trees to wholesale customers throughout Florida and the contiguous United States.

Our clumping bamboo plants are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to help you create magnificent hedges and privacy screens, windbreaks, noise barriers, as well as stunning specimens that will provide visual impact in any landscape.

Choosing the Right Bamboo for Bonita Springs

Whether you plan to incorporate a tropical touch into an existing landscape, or are designing a landscape for a new project, small or large, we invite you to consider the many unusual bamboos we offer, including:

  • Seabreeze bamboo– This bamboo originates from Southern China. Seabreeze bamboo is a tough, bushy, and very fast-growing variety that can reach heights up to 40 feet. It is a beautiful upright grower with many tightly spaced canes that feature a distinctive bluish-white tint in each section. Drought-tolerant and salt-tolerant, it’s an excellent performer in Florida. It’s also one of the most wind resistant of all tropical bamboos. When mature, Seabreeze forms a graceful umbrella-shaped arch and is ideal for hedges, windbreaks, and privacy screens. Additionally, the canes make lovely “bamboo sounds” when the wind blows.
  • Timor Black bamboo– This species is from the Indonesian island of Timor and is one of the most striking landscaping bamboos. The mature plant has shiny ebony canes with thin green stripes and medium bright green leaves. The canes are about 3” in diameter, and this variety grows to about 30 feet outside the tropics. Leaves grow only on the upper half of the plant, so it will work well when you need height and yet will still enable you to enjoy the beautiful culms. This clumping bamboo can tolerate cold to about 27 degrees F, but the cold does not affect the roots.
  • Monastery bamboo– Originating in Thailand, this beautiful bamboo has strong, extremely straight culms and can grow to 40 feet in areas where the soil is well-drained but consistently moist. It features small leaves on the top third that create a cloud-like effect. Monastery bamboo is perfect for tight spaces as a specimen or accent and makes a superb windbreak. It is cold hardy to 25 °F.
  • Dwarf Buddha Belly bamboo– This dwarf bamboo has very unusual swollen internodes. The potbellied appearance gives it a unique, exotic look. There is no other bamboo like it in the world, and the plant is definitely an attention-getter. Fortunately, it produces the most consistent “bellies” in warm, humid climates such as Florida’s. This clumping bamboo grows to a height of 12 to 15 feet and has 4-inch diameter culms. It is somewhat cold-sensitive and may suffer frost damage at 27°to 30°, but the roots will not be damaged.

As wholesale clumping bamboo suppliers, when you are looking for Bonita Springs wholesale bamboo plants, we welcome you to tour our Pine Island plantation to see our vast selection. Call Palmco at 239.283.1329 to find out more.