Bonita Springs Palm Tree Nursery

End your search for a Bonita Springs palm tree nursery at Palmco. Palmco can help you find the right palm trees for this area and provide you with all the care tips you will need.

Bonita Springs Palm Tree Nursery

Palmco, a family owned business, is located on gorgeous Pine Island with more than 600 acres of palm tree production. We are a premier palm tree purveyor and are home to one of the largest palm tree plantations in North America. With four generations of experience, we are an excellent resource for all your palm tree installation needs.

We take pride in being able to “dig today, deliver tomorrow” to satisfy our customers in Florida and throughout the U.S. Our environmentally conscious growing process and dedication to quality service are recognized throughout the industry.

Make a bold statement and beautify your landscape installations with some of our exotic palms!

Great Palms for Bonita Springs

When you are ready to add the unique silhouettes of palm trees to your customer’s landscape, visit our palm tree nursery in Florida to see the wide range of choice palms available from Palmco. You can trust our experts to make suggestions for great palms for Bonita Springs which is located in USDA Zone 10A. Here are three we love:

Triangle Palm This is a gorgeous palm with an unusual shape and coloring, making it an attention-getter in any landscape. Instead of a typical crownshaft, Triangle palms have overlapping leaf bases that form in three vertical columns set approximately 120 degrees apart on the main stem, forming a triangular shape. (They are also known as Three Sided Palms.)

The leaves are a unique powdery blue-grey and arch gracefully upward from the trunk. Use the Triangle in tight spaces or near walls where you would hesitate to plant other ornamental palms. It is a slow to moderate grower to 20 or 25 feet, very drought-tolerant once established, and self-cleaning.

Ribbon Palm The unusual Livistona decipiens, also known as the Ribbon Fan Palm, Fountain Palm, or Weeping Cabbage Palm, is spectacular when planted as a driveway or avenue planting, but it also makes a wonderful shade tree by a swimming pool.

Its delicate-looking leaves resemble long, thin ribbons, but this Australian native is sturdier than it looks, drought-tolerant, salt-tolerant, and very cold hardy. It will grow slowly to about 30 feet but should be protected from high winds that may cause its “ribbons” to look tattered.

Reclinata Palm The Phoenix reclinata, or also known as the Senegal Date Palm, is a beautiful and unusual palm that grows in huge clumps that can make a dramatic specimen plant perfect for yards, parks, and campuses.

It makes a powerful statement against large backdrops with its gracefully curving stems. The Phoenix reclinata can also thrive in large containers and other confined urban areas. Very dramatic affects can be achieved by spot lighting at night to really show off your centerpiece.

There are so many palm trees to choose from at our Bonita Springs palm tree nursery. With the help of the experts at Palmco you will be able to choose the perfect palms for all your installations in that area. Give us a call for additional information or to place an order. We can be reached at 239.283.1329.