Baton Rouge Wholesale Bamboo

Looking for wholesale bamboo in Baton Rouge?

Palmco is a bamboo wholesaler dedicated to growing the best bamboo possible for Louisiana.

Bamboo farms in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas of Central City, Shenandoah, Praireville and Zachary may carry only container materials. Palmco farms 3, 7, 15 and 25 gallon containers as well as field grown bamboo.

Looking for instant gratification, then field grown bamboo is your best option.

There’s no waiting for the smaller container materials to fill in and grow taller. Your end goal of blocking the view of a neighbor’s yard or unsightly commercial property can be accomplished immediately with field grown sizes. 

Palmco’s clumping bamboo is ideal for hedging and screening. Our farm grows only cold hardy, noninvasive clumping bamboo.

Architects and landscapers have told us they are able to manage this species of bamboo with great success and ease.

Clumping bamboos vary in height, color, shape and hardiness.

Short and precise box hedges are the specialty of the Golden Goddess. This multiplex stays under 10’ in overall height and is ideal when complying with compact hedging requirements.

Create the illusion of a dense forest with Graceful bamboo. Noteworthy for the growth habit of its culms which grow extremely close and upright. Additionally its’ leaves grow in such abundance from the ground up and creates an almost impenetrable boundary.

There are many descriptions of bamboo on the internet and in books.

We believe that by identifying our customer’s landscaping goals, it becomes simple to sift through the mountains of information.

You and your customers are more likely to buy the bamboo that best fits your landscaping goals if you are well informed. Tropical, cold hardy, tall and hedging are just a handful of the varieties available to you.

Call a Palmco customer service representative today at 1-855-GOPALMCO or 1-239-283-1329. Our well-informed reps will listen to your requirements and consult with you on the best choices to fit your landscaping goals.