Bambusa Lako Timor

Many landscaping professionals use several plant species to act as windbreakers in their landscapes. However, few plants do so exceptionally well as Bambusa Lako Timor or Timor Black Bamboo. As the name might suggest, this plant features large, black stems with tall culms. Our clients at Palmco often include Bambusa Lako Timor in their landscapes to protect them from strong winds. Contrary to the common misconception, not all plant species can survive windy conditions, and some trees are better suited for high wind areas than others.

The Perfect Windbreaker

Bambusa Lako TimorBambusa Lako Timor serves as an excellent windbreaker thanks to its tall culms that can reach 69 feet tall. In addition, the plant features solid, black stems and deep roots, providing excellent footing against the wind. Also, Bambusa Lako is incredibly flexible, meaning it does not provide considerable wind resistance. The plant’s flexible stems allow it to bend when it’s windy and then straighten back afterward. Mature Timor Black Bamboo is incredibly steady and can offer other plants around it excellent protection from strong winds.

Bambusa Lako features rigid culms that can be used to produce furniture and other items. This feature also makes the plant an excellent windbreaker. Although the plant is quite rare owing to its origins in Indonesia, Palmco has a reputation for being a reliable supplier of the Bamboo species. Bambusa Lako is not just an excellent windbreaker; it also has incredibly beautiful culms making it an excellent addition to any landscape.

Bambusa Lako is an extremely hardy and reliable plant that does well in varied climates. It also provides excellent privacy.

About Timor Bamboo

Timor Black Bamboo is a large plant that landscape architects often use for ornamental purposes. It features large, shiny, black culms and dark green foliage. This plant can grow to heights of 69 feet. However, you can always trim it down whenever you want to.

​The plant’s tall culms assume a curly shape at the top without branching down low. Although the plant has a large natural footprint of six feet, it can be planted in both wide and narrow beds, depending on your preferences. Landscape architects usually plant this tree as a single feature or a privacy screening solution

Young Timor Black Bamboo has green shoots that eventually become black as the plant matures. The average maturity time for this plant is between six and nine months, depending on growth conditions. The plant’s black culms will change to white or gray as they die off. At Palmco, our landscapers usually remove the older culms from Bambusa Lako Timor to give it a youthful and fresh appearance and encourage new shoots to grow.

Timor Black Bamboo is an example of clumping bamboo, meaning it is not invasive. To create a dense screen with this plant, consider planting them in trenches four feet apart. To create a dense privacy screen for narrow spaces, consider planting the bamboo as closely together as possible.

Although Timor Black Bamboo grows slower than other bamboo species, it can reach full maturity in three to four years, depending on the growing conditions. However, landscape architects looking for quicker growth often order more established Bambusa Lako Timor from Palmco. ​All our purchases come with a complete guide for the best results, and our clients find the guides helpful and easy to comprehend.

Bambusa Lako Timor requires much effort, especially during preparation and a few months after planting. Please contact Palmco today to order.