Bamboo Hedge

Bamboo Hedge

Have you been asked to plant a bamboo hedge for one of your clients? Then chances are, you need some expert advice from the professionals at Palmco. We are Florida’s premier grower of palms and bamboo. We draw on four generations of Florida growers to provide you with exceptional plants and advice.

Palmco is a family owned business nestled on a pristine stretch of land of Pine Island. With more than 600 acres of palms and bamboo, we are one of the largest palm plantations in the United States. And we take pride in our green growing processes and unparalleled customer service.

So, if you are hoping to install a bamboo hedge, we can offer you advice about how to achieve it and provide you with the right bamboo for your endeavor.

Tips for Planting a Bamboo Hedge

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. In fact, some varieties can grow a few feet each day. That makes bamboo an excellent option for screening and hedging, especially if you want to hide something unsightly. Here are some things to consider before beginning this project:

Sun exposure. You need to know how much sun reaches the part of your client’s yard where you intend to install the bamboo hedge. There are many bamboo options, so it’s important that you pick a type that prefers the amount of sun you have available in your specific location.

Height. While growing a bamboo hedge is certainly a great way to hide something or to prevent others from having access to your privacy, knowing how tall you want the hedge is important. Some bamboo can grow upwards of 50 feet high. So, understanding the height you are aiming for will help you pick the right bamboo for the job.

Cold hardiness. Keep in mind that temperature affects bamboo. Knowing your USDA hardiness zone will help you choose the bamboo that is best suited for the temperatures you have in your location. Some bamboo is quite cold hardy, but most don’t do well in temperatures that get lower than 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hedge Bamboo Options

Here are some some suggestions for your bamboo hedge from the experts at Palmco:

• Alphonse Karr. This is a fast-growing variety of bamboo that reaches heights of 20 feet tall. It is easy to maintain and quite colorful. Its golden culms have green stripes and bright green leaves.