Arikury Palm Trees for Sale

The Arikury palm, also called the Parrot palm, is a beautiful ornamental plant suitable for small gardens or landscaping projects. Despite its small stature, this palm tree features long fronds that can reach lengths of up to 6 feet. A notable feature of this palm tree is its trunk, consisting of leaf bases in a spiral pattern giving the tree a distinct look. In addition, this tree does not have a crown shaft. Instead, it has spiky leaf bases. Its small tree stature makes it an excellent standalone plant or planted in groups in a small landscape. Arikury’s unique look makes it a sought-after plant by collectors worldwide. Palmco offers beautiful Arikury palm trees for sale in Florida and other states. 

Unique Features

Arikury Palm Trees for SaleAlthough Arirkury is a slow grower, it can reach heights of up to 10 feet. It grows well in full or partial sunlight. Most palms dislike frost and freezing weather. Exposing them for any length of time to cold temperatures will weaken the tree and make it vulnerable to pests and diseases. This plant, however, is cold hardy to USDA Zone 9B.


One of the notable advantages of slow-growing palm trees like Arikury is their low maintenance. This plant does not self-clean but rarely requires trimming. Landscapers who decide to trim off the fronds usually leave about three inches of the stalk to maintain the tree’s spiky look. It is advisable to remove dying fronds only when they have browned off. 

Arikury does not do well in waterlogged soils but thrives with regular watering, at least twice per week, in warm weather. Most commercial developers and landscapers plant Arikury with organic peat moss to provide the nutrition the plant needs for optimal growth. In addition, it is advisable to apply palm fertilizer at least once in spring, summer, and fall. 

Plant Spacing

If you plan to plant Arikury in a row, consider spacing the palms 5 to 6 feet apart. Many commercial developers grow Arikury along fences or with other trees in a landscape. Arikury can also be planted along walkways or driveways and as specimen plants in small gardens.

The unique look of Arikury makes it an excellent plant for adding that tropical flair to a landscape. Although this plant looks like the Queen palm, it is more distinctive with an oversized crown and long, glossy fronds. Arikury can thrive with the right growing conditions. Various factors affect Arikury’s growth rate, including soil type, sunlight, and temperature. 

At Palmco, we trim off a few leaves of the Arikury before shipping to minimize plant stress and transpiration. Once you receive your new plants, you can plant them immediately, but consider storing them for a while in a shady location. Be sure to add some mulch to the top soil after planting Arikury to protect the new plant from excessive water loss and provide the nutrients the plant needs for growth. 

Arikury does well in well-drained soils with a rich organic mix. Avoid planting it in wet, muddy, or arid soils. Establish your new Arikury palm by adding fertilizer 6 inches from the plant’s base. In addition, add the fertilizer sparingly, at least three times per year. Consider using a slow-release fertilizer to prevent root damage. Unfertilized Arikury tends to grow at a much slower pace.

Arikury thrives in Zone 9b-11. Don’t hesitate to contact our landscapers for additional information if you are unsure about your zone or Arikury’s growth requirements. Arikury does well in full or partial sunlight. However, full sunlight is usually recommended. Palmco has some of the best palm tree species for sale in the U.S., including the Arikury. Our plantation features state-of-the-art irrigation and agricultural systems to ensure our plants get all the moisture and nutrition they need for growth.

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