Alphonse Karr Bamboo Wholesale

The Alphonse Karr Bamboo is a beautiful bamboo tree often used as an ornamental landscape feature or to add privacy to a landscape. A distinct feature of this plant is its beautiful gold-striped culms. In addition, this plant has eye-catching bushy green foliage. You can find this plant for sale wholesale in specialty nurseries such as Palmco.


Alphonse Karr Bamboo is a relatively tall plant that can grow up to 13 feet tall. However, some landscapers trim this plant once it reaches a specific height to maintain its beauty. This bamboo’s growth resembles the shape of a vase with a narrow base and a sizable fan at the top.

New shoots usually feature a beautiful pink or red color that fades after a few months. The plant has a sizable natural footprint with a diameter of 1.5 feet. However, landscapers can condition the plant to grow in narrow beds to suit their needs. Many commercial developers and landscapers include this plant in their projects as ornamental elements or to enhance privacy. Alphonse Karr thrives in cool climates and may experience mold growth in highly humid conditions.

This plant has circular growth, which is why many landscape developers maintain equal spacing when planting Alphonse Karr Bamboo. A significant advantage of this bamboo plant is it can be planted as close together as possible.  In addition, Alphonse Karr grows extremely fast with young shoots capable of reaching maturity at 24 months or even quicker if you buy more established sizes. Also, this plant is low maintenance and drought resistant.


Many landscapers and commercial developers consider Alphonse Karr a collector’s bamboo because of this bamboo species’ highly versatile and adaptable nature. The plant’s bright green and yellow canes make it a beautiful centerpiece in any landscape. In addition, the plant makes an appealing screen or hedge.

Young shoots of the Alphonse Karr look green and pink, offering an appealing and unique splash of color in any landscape. In addition, this plant forms compact, cylindrical circles as it grows, thanks to its clumping nature. Alphonse Karr is extremely low maintenance regardless of its landscaping applications. In addition, this plant is incredibly versatile and capable of thriving in freezing conditions and soggy soil.

Privacy Screens

Alphonse Karr makes beautiful privacy screens and hedges. This plant is known for its thin, brightly-colored culms and bushy foliage. Many landscapers and commercial developers include this plant in their projects because it makes thick, impenetrable hedges or screens. When grown close to each other, Alphonse Karr can create thick foliage within a short period. Consider planting the tree further apart if you want a less dense screen. Like other clumping bamboo varieties, Alphonse Karr makes an excellent option for creating an eco-friendly privacy screen or hedge.

Yellow bamboo, including Alphonse Karr bamboo, is becoming increasingly popular in landscaping projects throughout the U.S. These plants are known for their tropical feel, functionality, and appeal.  Palmco offers a range of bamboo trees, including Alphonse Karr and other clumping bamboo varieties. Our trees are grown using eco-friendly technologies to minimize the effects of our operations on the environment. We aim to make it easy for you to order and plant different tree varieties, including bamboo, palm, and mast trees. We offer great discounts and warranties because we believe in the quality of our trees.

Please contact Palmco today for quality Alphonse Karr Bamboo. We offer our trees wholesale, which means you can save significantly with each purchase.