Alabama Wholesale Palms

Alabama Wholesale Palms

Looking for wholesale palms in Alabama?

Palmco is a palm wholesaler dedicated to growing the healthiest palm trees for Alabama landscapers.

Mobile and the neighboring cities of Prichard, Fairhope, Tillmans Corner and Daphne are prime locations for beautification using cold hardy palm trees.

Many cold hardy palms that will thrive in your area.

The Gulf of Mexico regulates the winter temperatures and keeps your coastal areas from falling too far below the freezing mark.

Cold hardy palms that are visually similar to tropical palms are Queens, Sylvesters, Washies and Sabals. Others that are still considered palms but resemble more of a bush or shrub are Needle Palms, European Fans and Windmill Palms.

One of the hardiest palms, the Pindo has a curious offspring called the Mule palm.

The Mule palm is sterile and cannot reproduce on its own. It’s a hybrid from the Pindo and the Queen palms. Occurring sporadically in nature and unable to reproduce on its own, the mass production of the Mule palm has been directly choreographed by modern day horticulturalists.

Understory palms mentioned above work well as specimen pieces or as a method for adding texture and varying heights to the landscape. Needle palms and European Fans work well in these applications.

Tride and true palms such as the Queen, Phoenix Sylvestris, Washingtonia and Sabal palms dig well, travel well and look beautiful in the landscape combined with hard woods and other ornamental plantings.

Palms grown on our palm tree farm are pampered from seedling to container and on into the field until they are mature and ready for harvest. Great care in digging and transport is always a must. Our crews take special care to ensure trunks remain unscathed and palms are well hydrated before digging.

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