Why Are My Palm Tree Leaves Turning Brown?

Why Are My Palm Tree Leaves Turning Brown?

Answering the question, “Why are my palm tree leaves turning brown?” could be more involved than you think. Not to worry though; Palmco has the experts and the answers you need to provide the best care for your client’s trees.

Palmco has been in business since 1984. Over that time, we have worked steadily to increase our knowledge and expertise in the palm and bamboo arena. We have even expanded to include other ornamental trees, like mast trees. With more than 600 acres under cultivation, we are the largest plantation of its kind in North America.

Working on Your Palm Trees

As an architect or landscape professional, you know that palm trees are great landscape additions and often provide the tropical feel your clients long for. Palms are versatile, and some can even be grown indoors. But what do you do when working on your palm trees reveals that their leaves are turning brown?

There are some general reasons for the leaves of a palm tree to turn brown, but some species are also susceptible to specific maladies. So, if you know the type of palm you are working with, that will certainly help for diagnosis purposes. If you don’t, here are the common problems that cause palm tree leaves to turn brown: